‘Take Care’-Drake

By Aneesha Ndebele

The 25-year-old Toronto native, Drake released his album Take Care last year after his mixtape led to his recognition in the music industry. The album cover shows him sitting somewhat forlornly with an antique glass of wine in his hands; this illustrates his rich thoughts as he reminisces about his life. This is clearly shown in his lyrics as he displays profound emotion on his losses as well as his gains.

“??rather hear about finding yourself and how you lost you”

“Jealousy is just love and hate at the same time”

“When a good thing goes bad it’s not the end of the world, just the end of the world you had with one girl.”

These are the type of heart felt lyrics to be heard on his album.  Drake does not concentrate on one genre; he ranges from hip-hop, R&B and dance music. He caters to all music lovers; you cannot fail to connect with him as he uses instruments such as the piano and the flute to enhance the emotion that exudes from his lyrics. Hip-hop has never had an artist like this before.

Drake’s album has a lot of collaborative works ranging from Rihanna, The Weekend and last but not least Nicki Minaj. The album also offers different moods from sadness, arrogance, self-pity to happiness. In Drake’s track ‘Crew,’ he collaborates with The Weekend to show the value of Bromance, his song ‘Doing it Wrong’ which was inspired by Don McLean‘s ‘The Wrong thing to do’, has a flute playing in the background, it reaches the soul and engages the listener to also reminisce about the things that have gone wrong in one’s life and how they can move forward from it. Drake sings over Stevie Wonder’s harmonica, thus showing his diversity as he works with legends in their own right and incorporates their own genre into his.

 This album is not only for Drake but his fans as well as he considers them in his work, he covers all the elements in life that have an impact on us. There is also an element of romantic turmoil linked to the lyrics in one way or another. It is as if he is having a conversation with his fans as he communicates his range of feelings through acoustic instruments and melody.

Drake has caught international hearts through his music for he sings from the heart.

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