Cee-Lo Green – The Lady Killer

By Ruan Scheepers

The Definitive Lady Killer
Soul master Cee-Lo Green is back with a zero mercy approach to romance. His third album is all about seduction and vengeance. Ladies beware.

 When it comes to the ladies he has a licence to kill. Little wonder then as the big man in the pink suite has become the global phenomenon he is. The voice behind Gnarls Barkley and their smash hit ‘Crazy’ which took the world by storm in 2006 with its ability to refresh the definition of the feel good track is back fresher than ever before.

For Cee-lo Green the latest of his three albums is a compilation of visions from a man’s break ups, make ups and shake ups. That’s a lot of ups for you and from the second the James Bond themed intro singes a smile on your face, the tone is set. What he does for the next hour is seduce the listener to the point where it becomes hard not to hit the repeat button.

It?s near impossible to describe Cee-lo’s unique style. There is an incredible fusion of New Orleans Jazz, Deep Soul and electronic funk. Where Gnarls Barkley had a more electronic backtrack, The Lady Killer goes totally retro to modern funk in an instant. The transition between the two is however silky smooth. Old school beats with classic backtracking with a gospel vocal sound like in “F*ck You” (Forget You) versus the neo-soul and almost R&B feel of “Bright Lights Bigger City”.

The weirdness factor of Cee-lo’s music is still very much in place. Love or hate it’s what makes him unique. Two tracks on the new album, “Love Gun” and “Bodies”, specifically emphasise the relationship to the Gnarls Barkley album St Elsewhere. The weirdness in the lyrics of these songs point almost comically to the psychopathic suicide, necrophilia and explicit sexual fantasies. None the less, they add to the story of this album. It’s a compilation of inner thought and feeling. Undress the man in pink and you find someone who has been around and been played over and over by his own game.

The beauty of it all is that to a broken soul it is like a shot of tequila. You need it. You want it and before you know it, ‘It’s Ok’, ‘Cry Baby’ and ‘Wildflower’ have sorted you out to the point where you are ready to hit the big bright city and avenge the love lost.
Above all The Lady Killer is about style and bling. That is what Cee-Lo is. He epitomises style even when he is being as blunt as Swiss chocolate balls. It’s still classy and it’s still absolutely divine. So it’s ok to say you love him.


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