Struggles would never limit me

By Sikelelwa Qwazi

Nomfusi Gotyana is 24 years old singer and song writer

Her album called Kwazibani   was mixed by UK producer Ross Cullum. Ambient strings, warm bass lines, chilled drums and crispy hi-hats remarkably manipulated, giving the album a great sound that is not easy to find.  Despite a dramatic life, with her powerful voice she and adorable charisma and stage presents will give you hope in life. One of her songs called Nontsokolo is one of the songs that talk about her struggles and poverty.

Nomfusi has become one of brave South African Song writers by telling their personal stories through music. Her style of music has a traditional Jazz sound because her mother was a Sangoma (African medicine women) with a gift of music. Nomfusi would accompany her mother to the rituals where they would sing and dance.

From the Eastern Cape in Kwazakhele location, raised by a single mother while her father was in jail for 21 years. After her mother died of AIDS Nomfusi was orphaned at age 12. They had to move to Cape Town because her aunt took them but also died of Aids three years later.

Nomfusi injects each of her songs with soulful power and fiery passion, writing about her pain to create beautiful music while remaining true to her cultural roots. Album Realised on 23 March 2010. It is labelled Classical Jazz, 13 tracks and Nomfusi is conquering the world with her band from the townships, The Lucky Charms.

A link to her my space album or

Her popular song Nontsokolo the song about poverty she says I am struggler, I  was going up and down eating hot and cold food, she says I know everything about struggling because I am struggle myself.

In this Xhosa song she keeps on mentioning her mother’s name in irony. Hence the album is named after her mother Kwazibani means (who knows?) sometimes she uses her music context to ask questions using her mother’s name. She sings about her mother’s love, beauty, responsibility. All her songs are in a form of questions and answers by telling her story. Link to video Nontsokolo

Losing her mother made her understand to appreciate any situation and never let it destroy her. The intrepid vocalist was recently dealt another harsh blow when her sister passed away, only adding to her brave resolve.



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