Setting the Music Scene Alight.

By Caitlin Dominy


Frankie Fire is a local South African rock band from Pretoria South Africa. The band is made up of; Francois du Toit (who is lead vocals and guitar), Heinrich Pelser (who is backing vocals and guitar), Francois de Bruin Meyer (who is backing vocals and bass), Kyle Mitas (who plays the piano, saxophone and is also backing vocals) as well as Fred Helliwell (who plays the drums). 

These five said they came to be, because of their uncontrolled passion for music. Their Take it in album (released in July 2012) was produced by Grammy Award Winning Daryl Torr.
Their first album, Take it In, is an exciting combination of music that is a mixture of hard rock, punk, melodic rock as well as pop and the blues. This fusion of sound is a result of each member’s varied tastes in music, their own style as well their own experiences.

The album, Take it in, consists of 11 songs with SOS being their first single from their album. SOS is an upbeat tune and a dry sense of humour that accurately depicts certain love stories with the lyrics; ‘I know I said I would always be there. But I lied. I know I said I’d always be there. But I never tried’ that ends with a melodic saxophone solo.

The songs are generally very good and vary across the different genres of music. Brave Face is more of a bluesy type of song; it’s not upbeat and slightly repetitive, moody and atmospheric. But regardless, it is still a great song and one that is worth listening to. Their fifth song on the album, For You, tugs on the heartstrings as it encapsulates anything and everything that is romantic so female fans will really enjoy this song, especially with the use of drums, and resonating vocals. With their other song; Hurry my Love, they invited Kahn Morbee (lead singer of the popular Parlotones band) to sing with them. Hurry my Love is rather dark and depicts a world of fear, inviting the listener to join in the darkness. Other captivating songsof Frankie Fire’s are; Shine, Melody, Take It In, The Gift, Three Piece, Desire, and Life.

Frankie Fire is comprised of talented musicians who will no doubt be setting the music scene alight for years to come.
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