Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

By Nompilo Mncube

Onika Tanya Minaj, Trinidadian American rapper, best known by her stage name Nicki Minaj has brought in a new dimension into the world of rap.

Referenced as a ‘purist’s nightmare’, she cooks up a messy blend between traditional rap and a whole variety of pop categories. She takes queen with her bubbly, but intimidating personalities. 

Her leading first album, Pink Friday, released on November 19, 2010 and produced by Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records, and Universal Motown, was Minaj’s gateway to her astonishing fame.

The album found its way through its first leading single, Massive Attack, followed by, Your Love, and Right Thru Me, and some of the artists it featured included Lil Wayne, Drake, and Eminem.

In her second album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, we see a twist in her genre and we witness some of her many personalities. The album opens in a voice imitation of Martha Zolanski, counseling his son, Roman, saying, ‘Take your medication, Roman. Take a short vacation, Roman. You will be ok.’

Roman Reloaded achieves a record stretching to 19 songs and running for a number of 69 minutes.

Whereas in her first album, Pink Friday, we see Minaj stressing her struggles as a female artist, celebrating her achievements, and encouraging her fans to follow their dreams, Roman Reloaded shows an energetic and fun Minaj, highly constituted with boastfest tracks including, Champion, Beez in the Trap, Come on a Cone, and I am your Leader.

Female Weezy
The album also reflects a tomboyish personality to Minaj. She continuously refers to herself as if he were a male in the album saying, ‘I am your leader, yes I am your leader. You’re not a believer, suck a big dick,’ in I am your Leader.

She also collaborates with mentor Lil Wayne always ending the songs of the album with the statement, ‘I am the female Weezy.’

Minaj brings a more traditional hip-hop and R&B blend through her duet with Chris Brown, Right by my Side, and duet with Bobby Valentino, Sex in the Lounge.

The more upbeat electro-pop side of the album includes Starships, Pound the Alarm, Whip it, Automatic.

Minaj achieves something that no other artist has achieved in the history of music, especially in the industry of female rappers. She extends diversity in Roman Reloaded through her beats, voice pitch, and punch lines. She is an all-purpose brand.


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