Paramore: Brand New Eyes

By Carol Kagezi


Band Name: Paramore. Album Name: Brand New Eyes. Release date: 29th September 2009. Genre: Rock, pop, alternative, television.

Brand New Eyes, an album released by Paramore in September 2009 and comes right after their amazing album Riot. After the release of Riot, I did not think anything could match up to songs such as “Crushcrushcrush”, “That’s what you get”, “Misery Business” and “Born for this” all on the Riot album. Paramore is a band of six musicians, all very talented in various aspects of music. They are commonly known for their over the top use of instruments such as the strings, drums and amazing vocal melodies which create an awesome sound. The music they produce belongs mainly to the rock genre although there is always a trace of pop and alternative in their albums.

A few critics were nervous about this album because they did not think it was possible for Paramore to top their previous album. The album Brand New Eyes starts off with “Careful” which is identical to their style with the massive guitars, infectious and soaring power ballads. It then moves on to “Ignorance”, a high power rock song, again with the massive guitars and amazing vocal melodies.

Following “Ignorance” is a less powerful, mid-tempo song; “Playing God” which challenges “if God’s the game that you’re playing/ well we must get more acquainted??” while Brick by Boring is that song that gets one on their feet which is a contrast to “Playing God”. “Brick By Boring Brick” happens to be my favourite song on this album simply because of its powerful ballad and catchy chorus.

After this extremely high powered song, we are treated to a less powerful rock song; “Turn it Off“. It may be less powerful in tempo but with a very powerful message at the chorus. What makes this song particularly beautiful is how lead vocalist, Hayley Williams passionately belts out the words “Oh God” towards the end of this song.

Right after that is “The Only Exception” which has to be one of the slowest songs on this album along with “Misguided ghosts“. These two songs have a slower acoustic sound with a touch of folksiness. This diversity in music on their album makes it even more enjoyable with the mixture of high and mid-tempo rock along with a soft acoustic sound. Mixing these two sounds however was daring of the band.

“Feeling sorry” is another one of the songs with a heavy guitar sound and a catchy chorus. I feel that the song “Looking Up” which comes right after this song should have come at the end of the album because it basically reflects the success of the band. It is, nevertheless, an awesome song that will keep you on your feet doing some serious head bobbing.

The album ends with “All I wanted” and the melodic guitar along with Hayley William’s beautiful vocals leave a rock fan short for words. Towards the end at about 2:40 when she sings “All I wanted was you” is nothing short of amazing for a true rocker.


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