Papa Roach is ‘Still Swingin’

By Jarryd Munslow


It’s not every day that a person comes across a band or an artist who dips themselves into more than one genre and at the same time they excel at it, a great example of such musical performers is that of Papa Roach. As a band, Papa Roach has changed their music up various times from rap rock; to hard rock and then to alternate metal to just name a few. Each of their albums from their first to their last have always offered something new with their most recent The Connection being no different.

The songs first single that was released from the album was Still Swingin’ which was first released 24 July 2012. This song definitely starts the album on a high note as well as setting the tone with its fast pace and catchy lyrics that seems to express the bands rollercoaster ride through the music industry as they have gone from something slightly more alternative with their roots to something more mainstream.  

Jacoby Shaddix (The lead singer of Papa Roach) went on to explain the meaning behind the new album and why it was entitled ‘The Connection’. The album itself is literally about connections that he experiences, he goes on to say, ‘My connection with my band, my connection with God, my connection with our fans. When you’ve got something that you can latch on to and become part of something, that’s the connection.
The Connection brings together old aspects into the mix such as the rapping that can be heard from the earlier albums as well as new aspects, such as that of the song Still Swingin’ which has a hint of Dub step towards the end.The album definitely brings all of Papa Roach’s music together but with this being said the album does have a habit of being a bit generic at the same time.  The idea of this however can be seen as a two-sided coin; while for some it might come as being too repetitive for others it can be seen as a form of nostalgia. To put this in perspective picture some of their greatest hits such as scars and last resort, you can hear the same kind of emotion put behind these songs as you can hear in before I die, a song that is featured on their new album. Various artists attempt to merge into other genres of music either for their own reasons or perhaps to expand their fan base, though they aren’t always able to pull it off. The band has set off in a different direction so to say but in such a subtle manner that it will pull in new fans while still giving their old ones something to hold on to.

The Connection is an album that is more than worth listening to and won?t disappoint diehard fans of the band, Papa Roach has definitely not lost their edge over the years and with albums such as this they still have a plenty of electrifying musical notes up their sleeve.



One thought on “Papa Roach is ‘Still Swingin’

  1. truly awesome review! very in depth approach to their music and really inspiring words. all i want to do is is buy every album now and listen for the changes that they have undergone. totally sold on Papa Roach now because nobody else can keep you rocking so hard as this review so eloquently describes

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