Nick Supply: SA’s Techno King

By Megan Whittington

Nick Supply, one of South Africa’s hottest house DJs of current time, started his career at the age of only fourteen years old. Working his way up from school socials, he finally became a much talked about talent by the time he was seventeen thanks to his unique genre of techno house music. His energetic stage presence and humble personality have named Nick Supply, born Nicholas Christy, a massive group of fans both local and international. Nick has worked with some of the biggest labels of his genre including Static Jack Recordings, which he launched along with local legend Ricardo da Costa. He has also played in most of the hottest clubs, including H20 and is a common guest on 5fm. Perhaps his biggest conquest to date is the co-founding of the brand that has shaken Durban, Butterbox.

Butterbox, founded in May of 2011, is focused on creating events that appeal to a wide variety of people. It has become a huge success and this can certainly be largely attributed to Nick’s involvement. Not only does he perform at the events, bringing in a mass of his fans, his leadership skills and attractive personality ensures success. Butterbox has become a country-wide phenomenon, sending Nick to places apart from Cape Town, such as back to his home province KZN. This is of course, much to the delight of his numerous fans scattered over the province.

There could not be a better addition to Butterbox than Nick Supply, as so many people are willing to travel throughout provinces just to enjoy his performances. I call them performances, as watching Nick DJ is a show on its own as he engages with the crowds and makes it very obvious that he’s having just as much fun as the clubbers. His wide variety of music also makes his shows unique as you never know what he might decide to play. He often takes popular songs and remixes them to become techno, but the vast majority of his music is completely self-made, which is not all that common in DJs. As much of his music is self-made using technology, he often includes ‘experimental’ as one of his genres.

It is safe to say that a Butterbox event, led by Nick Supply, will be one of the best nights out possible. The atmosphere and decor at the events promise for a long night of fun and with Nick on the turn tables, it is impossible not to be infected by his energy and a fantastic night is sure to be had.


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