Music of the soul

By Nombulelo Manyana


The Soil blew up the music scene with their self titled album, released in 2011. With a mix of their unique, authentic and self proclaimed brand of ‘Kasi soul’ music, they captured the hearts and ears of the public. Ntsika Fana Ngxanga, Luphindo Ngxanga, Buhlebendalo Mda and God as their fourth member, introduced a sound that has been amiss from the South African music industry. Using their voices, alone, they are ‘decomposing the keys of pianos and guitars’ reaping what the tapping of feet have sowed’ moving through sounds in which music was found, rooted in the belly of the soil’.

Do bear with me as I may not be as subjective as needed, for this group of young and talented individuals are deeply rooted in my heart. Their music evokes the traditions and culture of South Africa and it talks about courtship, love, joy, it motivates and empowers the youth.

Using their voices, without any instruments, no ‘doof-doof’ sounds or any of that ‘head pumping’, ‘bump and grind’ and ‘YOLO’ influence. They sing purely from the soul and to their own rhythm and beat boxing done by Luphindo, also member of the soil. Their electric voices have captured the hearts and most importantly the souls of many.

Their songs like, ‘Sunday’ and ‘Joy’, talk about the joys of family life. Others like ‘Girl I love you’ and ‘Inkomo’, portray the African roots of courtship and first love. While ‘Bhomba’ explores their more playful sound and calls upon fun and playful childhood songs. On the other hand they show their more personal and emotional side with ‘Sedilaka’ and ‘Lonely nights’.

They’re music samples genres like jazz, soul and little bit of hip-hop.

This music takes you back to the old days when music was created with a message and to evoke emotion that the listener didn’t even know they had in them. It embodies the sound of the likes of Camagwini, Simpiwe Dana, Mariam Makeba and Thandisiwa Mazwai. It is pure and simple, it is not music for the soul, it is music of the soul, from the soil. This is music that plunges you into the deep end, forces you to face your deepest and darkest emotions, and brings you back with a refreshed mind and a feeling of hope.

This is music of the soul.



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