Imagine Dragons are breathing fire

By Nicole Sharp

Imagine Dragons are steaming up the music industry with their new album, Night Visions. An indie rock/pop band started up in Las Vegas, United States of America who became popular once their single “It’s Time” was used in the trailer for “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. Their band is made up of four member; lead singer Dan Reynolds, guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ban McKee and drummer Daniel Platzman. Imagine Dragons is anagram, which in itself makes them popular because it creates an aura of mystery around the band.

The band members have a phrase that they believed stood for them, however wasn’t a name for a band. Therefore they swopped the letters around and came up with Imagine Dragons. No one except the band members know what it means, they say as artist they have to give so much and the anagram is a way of keeping something for themselves. This fits perfectly with the bands imagine, Imagine Dragons is all about the raw natural elements of music. It is not about fame for them. For Imagine Dragons it is all about “wanting to stay true to your roots but also not be afraid to go outside your boundaries”.

The band takes many risks when making their music, however they always try to make a balance between staying true to their original sound and taking risks. Imagine Dragons especially likes experimenting with mixing percussion that is electric and acoustic sounds. This is what makes them fresh and easy to listen to over and over again. Their music is original-from the original instrumental aspect to the original lyrics written by lead singer Reynolds. Imagine Dragons tends to remind the listener why music should be cherished. It is powerful and makes the listen feel powerful too.

All of the singles on Imagine Dragons new album Night Visions are extremely good, however there are a few that tend to be played over and over again. “On Top of the World” is the perfect single to wake up to in the morning and “Bleeding Out” lyrics are soul touching. Then there is “Demons” which demonstrates that we all have that side of us that is just not perfect. Imagine Dragons have this great ability, which seems to be lost in a lot of popular music today, to have a catchy beat and have lyrics that mean something. Next time you downloading music off iTunes or buying an album go for Imagine Dragons.!/ImagineDragons/app_123966167614127


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