Go Radio: Lucky Street – review

By Danica Kreusch

With hard-hitting drumbeats, soaring guitar riffs and some of the best-phrased lyrics found today Tallahassee-based alternative rock band Go Radio once again shows the world that deeply personal yet astoundingly relatable music about all facets of life is still reachable.

Go Radio has been releasing their music in EPs since 2007 and while every song written so far has been very well received their first studio album, Lucky Street is in a league of its own. Produced by Fearless Records’ Tim O’Heir ”who worked with bands such as The All-American Rejects and Say Anything” Lucky Street (2011) is a mix of songs about love, deep loss and a message that “we can endure”.

The album kicks off with the hard-hitting title track “Lucky Street”, a song lead singer Jason Lancaster told Alternate Press was written about a dream. Beginning with the sound of wailing sirens and then getting into an up-beat guitar melody that carries the entire song through, “Lucky Street” utilises Lancaster’s unique voice and the band’s great lyric ability and grabs the attention of the listener at once. Keeping with the upbeat mood is the album’s next song and a firm fan favourite “Any Other Heart”. Written by Lancaster as a delayed reaction to being abandoned by his stepmother after his father’s death, the hard-hitting bass drum that is the heartbeat of the song pumps lyrics such as “Cause I’ve been this awful shade of lonely since your reasons left the room/And I’d see everything get warmer if you decide to follow suit” that can be easily related to by just about anybody.

One of the core messages of the album is about overcoming, enduring and celebrating life despite the hardships and the bad situations. Nowhere can this be seen clearer than in the hard, rocking track “Kill the Beast”. “”Kill The Beast” is an anthem to us,” Lancaster told Alternate Press. “It’s a song about being so happy about where we are, and the road we’ve taken to get here. It’s about how we’ve never stopped believing in what we do, and how it’s so amazing to see other people believe in it with us.” The ferocity of the song may drown out the carefully constructed lyrics at first but on second or third listen the full impact of the song will hit home and it, with “Singing With The King” a song to “celebrate life” will become a firm favourite for the message it conveys as well as its guitar-heavy melody.

Some of Lucky Street‘s best work, however, is found in its slower, softer ballads. The top-rated Go Radio song according to Go Rankem, “Forever My Father”, is a retake on the song released on the band’s Do Overs and Second Chances EP. Written to commemorate Lancaster’s late father and full of soul-deep and completely personal lyrics as well as a beautiful piano accompaniment, the song touches as well as includes its listeners. “House of Hallways” is the second best-loved slower ballad from the album. Dealing with “the way we all seem to find ourselves in the situations we fear the most” and the truth that “we’re all in the positions we’re in because of decisions we’ve made, and we can only count on ourselves to make it better,” according to Lancaster, the track shows off the band’s ability to write truly stunning and adeptly metaphorical lyrics.

And, of course, no album dealing with life today would be complete without the love songs. “Why I’m Home”, another redo of a previously released iTunes track, shows why it was so beloved by fans with Lancaster’s deep and unique voice and lyrics that show the beautiful and the ugly side of love all at once. The last track that needs to have attention drawn to it is a lyrical jackpot to romantics like me. Originating from a song bassist Matt “Burns” Poulos wrote for his wife while they were still dating, “The Truth Is” is a track that starts off with just the piano and crescendos until it ends in the full band backing up the exceptional lyrics. Even though the track deals with deep love there is nothing overly gooey about the more-metaphorical lyrics.

In short, with it’s guitar-driven spirit, highs, lows, lessons and relatable regrets, Lucky Street is one of those must-have albums for your collection. And if it does its job properly and makes you fall in love with Go Radio, you’ll be just in time to pick up their already-loved second album Close the Distance.

“Any Other Heart” official music video:


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