Fruits & Veggies – the Connoisseur of rebellion

By Leah Solomon

With the South African music scene flourishing into a beautiful and majestic phenomenon, Durban-based band Fruits & Veggies are in the forefront, representing their home city and creating a name for the Kwazulu Natal band scene.

There are not many words that can describe this fantastically weird ensemble of people. However, if one were to randomly pick one from one?s head, it would definitely be this ? outrageous. Yet, this single word does not do the band much justice at all. To get the real experience, you have to witness firsthand the sheer magnitude of their energy.

However, some have managed to master the ability to pin point what it is about
Fruits and Veggies that is so eclectic and simply mad.

Mahala referred to them as ?the most exciting post-racial, post-punk party band to come out of Durban since, uh, forever!? and went on to say, “They are a one of a kind band, solid songs, a derisive attitude towards conventions, a blistering stage presence and a really deep commitment to living life to the full.”

Coming from the heart of Umbilo, Fruits & Veggies have been traipsing their way up to the top of the musical food chain, since 2008, one grimy and out of hand gig at a time.

Their uniqueness and overwhelming stage presence has earned them the title of ?hard drinking trouble makers,? which is what makes them who they are. They would not be Fruits & Veggies if they didn?t cause a little bit of a scene every now and then.

Common artists to appear at popular South African music festivals (such as Splashy Fen and OppiKoppi), they cater to everyone?s needs. Intoxicated or not, you will be put into a trance by their Afro-Punk rock reggae, ska-esque sound.

Their performance at Splashy Fen last year was like none other. With frontwoman, Purity writhing menacingly on the stage floor emitting notes from her voicebox that were unheard of, the bassist Loopy jamming hard and teasing the crowd and guitarist James shredding like a professional, the gig was mind blowing. The crowd fell in love with their vibe and were made drunk because if it.

Although they have yet to release an album, they are well on their way to doing so. A full length album is in the works, cogs turning viscously to pump out an album that expresses the true persona of the band.




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