Ed Sheeran

By Stephanie Shumba

Ed Sheeran has written music for many years that has helped different people in different ways. From studying to good â????love musicâ????, Sheeran has covered the basics and has insured his success with his album Plus.

In 2011 singer Ed Sheeran, produced one of his finest albums, Plus. A series of events had occurred before he decided to start this album. These experiences left him fully inspired and able to produce this spectacular album.

A few of my favourite songs from Plus would have to be Small Bump, The A Team and Kiss Me. Small bump was inspired by the unexpected pregnancy of his partner. Shocked and excited about this news he decided to write a song to his child where he vows to be there for the it at all times to insure its protection under any circumstances. Unfortunately the woman has a miscarriage and this inspired the lyrics of the song. Kiss me was then written to his partner where he declares his love for her and although they split up he still believes that he will marry some day.

Ed Sheeran does not write and produce music that does not have meaning behind it. His music is meaningful and many people are able to relate to it. The album Plus gives us some insight into his personal life and this makes the listeners want to listen to him because we feel we can relate to one song or another.

Another popular song on this album is Gold Rush. This song talks about how people put their careers first and decide to replace their loved ones with money and fame. Again this type of music makes the listeners intrigued by his life and therefore easy to relate to. This has been the key to the success of this wonderful singer and if he carries on this way he is guaranteed even more victory.

This album is a keeper and I strongly encourage everyone to give it a try. This album can be found at any music stores or online at Amazon. For more insight on Ed Sheeran follow him on Twitter or like him on Facebook.


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