Drake-Thank me later

By Karen Mukwedeya

Aubrey “Drake” Graham’s music is well known as the soft side of Hip-Hop which is evident with his album Thank me later, released on June 15 2010. Drake’s music is a unique combination of both Rap and R&B, a combination famous with other artists like Kanye West. In the album, the Canadian Artist mostly exposes his fear of how the fame and fortune could change him, which is also quite different from other Rap artists who have egotistical connotations in their music. Drake made his appearance with his first debut album “So far gone” and had many yearning for more. Produced by Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records, Universal Motown records and featuring famous artists like Nicky Minaj, Lil Wayne and Swiss Beats, Thank me later was a promising album. Selling 1,551,000 copies in the US alone, Thank me late proved to be a long awaited album.

“Find Your Love”, “Over”, “Miss me” and “Fancy” are some of the songs that received a lot of recognition topping the billboard charts and earning him nominations and awards.

The album sounds more like a personal diary where Drake lets out his thoughts and fears about love, life and fame. This is exposed with songs like “Resistance” where he claims to be afraid of the fame saying, “what am I afraid of, this is supposed to be what dreams are made of.” Not only is Drake Afraid of the fame but he seems more afraid of losing his true character by adopting to the life of fame, indicated when he states how he cannot call his Grandmother in a nursing home, but rather calls, “some chick I met at that the mall that I barely know at all.”

On the topic of love, nothing gets more personal than Karaoke, where Drake confesses that the song was about a girl he has been inlove with since he was 11years old, but could never date her because she didn’t like the “spotlight”. Based on his personal experience “Karaoke” is a song that lets us get a sense of the “real” Drake before the fame and fortune. Making a song about his first love surely got the attention of a lot of his female fans as he exposed his emotional side.

From his humble years as an actor in a series, to becoming one of the greatest rappers of all time, Drake has surely proven that there is more to Hip-Hop and Rap than just the fame, money and women.




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