Do you hear the people sing?


“Do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men?”  Well if you do, then “Welcome, monsieur, sit yourself down,” for you will “be struck to the bone in a moment of breathless delight.”  Listen to the melodious “voices soft as thunder”, songs with the choir belting out their powerful voices, the intimate songs sung with such intense feeling.  Listen to the perfected music played by the full orchestra, with sweet flutes, deep cellos – a menagerie of musical instruments.  Watch the facial expressions, of the concerned Fantine, the caring Valjean, the angry revolutionaries, the sneaky Thenadiers, as well as the doting lovers in the phenomenal cast in Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Musical.

This concert is a tribute to the 10 years of Les Miserables,, one of the most fantastic musicals of all time.  The huge cast sings to a packed audience, and their songs are greeted with rapturous applause.  The audience is treated to a special performance, with snippets of action and performance from the show, but with all its magic contained in this special concert.  If you haven’t watched the show, the story is still clear, with the plot written throughout, and the singing unveiling the story. 

Hear the stories of Jean Valjean, who was once caught by the nasty and unforgiving policemen, Javert, who will always see Valjean as number 24601, of poor Fantine, who dreams a dream of better times, of little Cosette who manages to escape from her sorry life, and live in her “castle on a cloud.”  Be entertained by the conniving but extremely humorous Thenadiers.  Journey through the experiences of the revolutionaries and hear their angry cries – “red, the blood of angry men.  Black the dark of ages past.” Watch as love unfolds in this wonderful concert of Les Miserables.

You will be treated to a special performance from 17 of the Jean Valjean’s from productions all around the world, singing one of their songs at the end of the concert.  This shows the success of Cameron Mackintosh’s production of Les Miserables – it is a worldwide phenomena – and this concert certainly is no exception.  So “students, workers, everyone” listen to the people singing.  There are many hair-raising moments and you will definitely be filled with the songs, which will leave you with “the beating of your heart echoing the beating of the drums.”


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