Debut for Rise to Remain

By Nick Cox

City of Vultures is the first album to be released by London based Metalcore band Rise to Remain.

Rise to Remain was formed in 2008 by guitarists Ben Tovey and Will Homer along with lead vocalist and frontman Austin Dickinson the son of legendary Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson.

The release of their EP Bridges Will Burn in 2010 saw Rise to Remain grow in prominence and resulted in them sharing the stage with the likes of Bullet for My Valentine, Funeral for a Friend and Korn. In July 2010 they began working on their first studio album, City of Vultures and in 2011 they signed with major record label EMI Records who subsequently released the album the same year.

City of Vultures is an incredible first album for the band. Recorded and produced by veteran metal producer Colin Richardson whose talents only help to improve this already amazing sounding album.

Upon its release the album received strong acclaim from the likes of the BBC and Kerrang! Magazine.

The album itself consists of a diverse range of songs which range from fast paced thrash styled songs like Bridges will Burn to slower soul-filled ballads like the track Roads. The songs themselves are structured around the typical Metalcore structure.

 The guitars, consisting of Ben Tovey and Will Homer, employ fast paced melodic riffs, often involving shredding and complex finger picking and harmonizing, on most of the songs. While heavy sounding chord progressions and distortion are also used in songs such as Power through Fear and as such give it a firm authoritative feel. The melodic style used helps creates a sense of compassion and emotion in the listener especially on the slower songs such as Roads.  

The Guitars are accompanied by a competent rhythm section with the drums and bass guitar from, Pat Lundy and Joe Copcutt respectively, giving the songs a sense of drive and direction while at the same time maintaining the rhythm and structure of a song.

The vocals and lyrics by frontman Austin Dickinson add the final touch. Many would assume Dickinson to simply be a product of his father who as previously mentioned is an iconic figure in the world of heavy metal, this is not the case however and Austin has created a style which he can truly claim as his own. Using a combination of screaming and clean singing, Dickinson’s vocals resonate throughout the album adding a powerful and emotional feel to the whole process.

Along with a crisp professional production, City of Vultures is a well-made and solid debut for the band and will no doubt launch them into mainstream success and provide the band with a promising future.


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