Debut album rocks the airways

By Zanele Mukhari

Scottish born song writer and recording artist Adele Emeli Sandé, better known Emeli Sandé has taken the music industry by storm. With vocals that send shivers down your spine, Emeli Sandé is definitely force to be reckoned with. Emeli first made a name for herself on her collaboration with British rapper Chipmunk on his hit song Diamond Rings.

After working with Chipmunk, Sandés was in demand and has since then worked alongside successful artists such as Tinie Tempah, Susan Boyle, Cheryl Cole, Leona Lewis and Alicia Keys to name but a few.

On the 13th of February 2012, Sandés much anticipated debut album, Our Version of Events was released and it peaked at number one in the UK soon after its release. The album tiptoes around the theme of love and relationships, while focusing on both the enjoyment one experiences in a relationship and the heartbreak a relationship can bring.

As soon as you press play on your CD player, the bass and drums on the first track on the album immediately grab your attention and keep you glued to the speakers. Two tracks on Our Version of Events had me abusing the repeat button, namely ‘Daddy’ and ‘Suitcase’. Both these songs are rich with emotion and show us a personal and sincere side of Emeli Sandé.

‘Daddy’ contains dark lyrical content which is emphasized by the dramatic strings. This track tells the story of a toxic relationship, that can gets the best of us at times, with its church bell chimes almost parallel of a man who is absent in a relationship.
‘”he kissed you on the lips and opened your eyes 

You had to catch your breath got such a surprise  

And you always forgot how it feels to live in his lies

He pulled you closer said he’ll never let go

You couldn’t trust him but you never said no

In that moment he made you forget how it feels when he’s gone”

Daddy is a hypnotically encased track that shows raw emotion through Sandés clear yet brassy voice.

Accompanied with a subtle guitar and light strings , the instrumentals on ‘Suitcase’ leaves room for Sandé to show off her amazing voice. This particular song uses a packed bag as a metaphor for a failed relationship. I find myself thinking back on past relationships as her soulful tremor carries me through the song.

The richly melodic album fuses pop and R&B together with successful results.  There is always room for improvement and Sandé played it safe on this album, but watching her grow is something I am looking forward to.


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