Chartjackers for Charity

By Michal Dahan


In an attempt to hijack the UK singles charts, four young YouTube vloggers (video bloggers) have joined forces for the common good. Their efforts resulted in the single “I’ve got nothing, which was released to raise money for charity.

Charlie McDonnell, Alex Day, Jimmy Hill and Johnny Haggart (A.K.A Chartjackers) were successful in their attempt to snag the music world’s attention.  Although their music is radically different from most music that is  popular today, “I’ve got nothing” still managed to land #1 in the UK Independent Charts and #36 in the UK Singles Chart. Through the sheer force of will (and advertising) of followers and creators alike, over £10,000 (R139 179) was raised in support of the charity, Children In Need.

Although these charitable motivations are certainly admirable, there can be no denying that the band didn’t mind the fame that accompanied their fund-raising. Getting into the UK Charts must have been a nice little bonus.

The single itself is no musical masterpiece; it’s a cheesy pop song with decent vocals and a very catchy tune. The way it was created however, is what makes it so interesting.

Over the span of ten weeks, “I’ve got nothing” came to life completely through crowdsourcing. The title of the song, its lyrics, melody and singers were all created through the multitude of YouTube users following the project. Charlie, Alex, Jimmy and Johnny overlooked everything and made the final decisions.

“The whole thing has been created with nothing but the goodwill of the people of the internet,” Says Charlie. Also, due of the unique set of circumstances surrounding the song, BBC Switch commissioned a documentary series following the creation of the song throughout its ten-week construction process.

As you listen to the song, the honest lyrics and carefree melody reveal the heart and intentions of the thousands of people who devoted time and effort get it as far as it has come. The music video (posted on the channels of the various YouTube personalities) follows the lead of the song itself. From the cute but comical performance of the singers to the plethora of teenage Chartjacker fans singing their own unique interpretations of the song, the video gives off a light, cheerful (and again) cheesy vibe reflecting same fun and energy that has been injected into the project from the very start.

A recommendation is definitely in order if for nothing more than to support a good cause instigated by the creative youth of today.

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