”But like brothers, we know it’s all ok”

By Tiffany Chalmers

I’m so wrapped up in a blaze,

Hoping this is just a phase,

But when all is said and done, I know you are still the one.’

So track 7 definitely called it, The Black Keys  album, Brothers , is still the one for me! Though released about two years ago in 2010 on the 18th of May, I still get the same retro reminiscent feeling when I listen to it now and every other day. This American blues-rock bank has been rocking socks since 2001, having released seven albums so far- Brothers being the 6th. This album was nominated for five 2011 Grammy Awards  – the biggest win being Best Alternative Music Album. With their music duo still consisting of vocalist/guitarist Dan Auerbach  and drummer/producer Patrick Carney , they are one keen mean music machine. Though their music is mostly produced by Auerbach and Carney themselves, Brothers features a song  produced by Danger Mouse  , who helmed the last Black Keys album, Attack and Release  , and who is also a five year acclaimed Grammy Award nominee for Producer of the Year.

In comparison to their previous albums, I would say that Brothers definitely tops my charts. There are no drastic changes in their genre range or musical fingerprint but what I just love about this album is their small experimental elements as well as the fun commercial tick that all their tracks carry throughout.  As Auerbach plays around with a bit of falsetto as well as a bit of a psychedelic blues hues, we see him extending himself in different directions which is very exciting to hear as he pulls it off. Though I am not particularly a fan of the commercializing of music, I think this album needed to be dispersed and broadcasted to show our naïve planet that there’s still good music out there amongst the haze of the Justin Biebers and Jonas Brothers of the world, which is why it deservingly sold over 73 000 copies in the United States in its first week.

One song that tickled my fancy in particular, as well as the rest of the worlds obviously, was track 3- ‘Tighten Up’. The song intros with some casual Sunday whistling perfectly backed by Carney’s monster base drumming and Auerbach’s spicy vocals. In an interview in May 2010 the lead singer stated that the song was about his relationship with his band mate and drummer Patrick Carney, he said Pat had a really difficult year and a divorce and that the song is about them going through these life experiences together and how it only made their relationship stronger in the end. It’s a naughty composition of music and lyrics that I know we’ve all missed and that I still can’t get enough of.

What I also find particularly interesting and bold about the Album is its artwork. Brothers was designed by Dan’s sibling Michael Carney  and even won the 2011 Grammy Award for the Best Album Package. This very vintage design of simple colours and lack of graphic make a good statement of what to almost expect from the album. The album name pays tribute to the duos long years of friendship as Auerbach even explained, “We love each other, we get on each other’s nerves, we piss each other off. But like brothers, we know it’s all OK’. If you are some closet dweller or extra-terrestrial and have not heard this album, do yourself a favour and dabble in a bit of the Brothers because it definitely opened my eyes and Tighten Up when it comes to identifying good music, so follow them on Facebook andTwitter !


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