Brown excels in Fortune

By Ntombifuthi Memela

With an amazing career in music over the years, Chris Brown continues to please his fans each time a new album is released. The release of Fortune in June this year was another example of his great works. The combination of different genres throughout the album not only invites a broad audience, but it also shows his unique ability to be an outstanding and well rounded entertainer.

‘Turn up the music’, an opening track is one of many which fans are dying over. The choreography in the video of this particular song is beyond phenomenal and through his moves, Brown transforms to the Michael Jackson of our times. With this hit comes other great songs where one gets to hear fully his stunning voice mainly about romance and love. These include ‘Sweet love’, ‘Stuck on stupid’ and ‘Strip’ being one of the most explicit. For individuals whom sex is a sensitive topic, listening to these would not do much good.  However, these slow jams fully show his emotional side when it comes to love, leading the listener to form a conclusion about his love life. Realistic’ With rumours about his reunion with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, it is safe to state that most of the songs express what he might be feeling.
Throughout this whole album, the song ‘4 years old’ comes out as the best. Both the music and the lyrics to this song are mature and thought provoking. Here, the artist expresses his frustration about not fulfilling his dreams. He further explains that even with money and all the riches he feels alone, and still feels like he’s a four year old who hasn’t accomplished much and looks forward to ‘growing up’. The heavy emotions expressed in ‘4 years old’ gets one to look at their own life and whether all the accomplishments in life are worth the loss of happiness.
An executive producer in his own album, Chris Brown has also worked with several producers such as The Underdogs, Danja, Feugo amongst others. Other artists have also been featured such as Sevyn, Big Sean and Kevin McCall, an these seem to have worked well for the success of this album. Chris Brown has outdone himself in Fortune and this makes it worth every cent. With his South African tour coming in December, many of his fans should consider buying this album. It is important to note however, that the Deluxe edition is the better option to go with, especially if one appreciates his voice more than the Pop side of him.


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