Born to Die Starlet

By Genevieve Dickson


Am I glamorous’ Tell me, am I glamorous'” 26-year-old Lana Del Rey pleads for an answer in a voice laced with true emotion on her album Born to Die.

“This authenticity comes from the fact that the Vogue magazine cover girl uses her personal experiences to create her astonishingly relatable lyrics. Her self-awareness and references to Lolita reveal femininity as a scam, as lost girls search for sugar daddies to provide them with the American dream. Hip-Hop influenced “Blue Jeans” draws on aspects of 50’s pop culture by comparing a money driven lover to the cultural icon of teenage disillusionment, James Dean.

The Indie pop singer, who has more stage names than Sean John Combs and Snoop Dog combined, signed a joint deal with Interscope and Polydor in collaboration with Stranger Records in July 2011 and released her second studio album Born to Die in January 2012. Although the album includes repetitive and melodramatic lyrics that focus on the typical and prevalent themes of fame and romantic love, 2.8 million copies have already been sold worldwide, lending credibility to the singers hypnotizing voice and distinct sound.

Del Rey describes herself as a “self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra“. You can hear the truth of this statement in innovative tracks like the pop inspired “Summer Sadness” and “This is what makes us girls”

In November 2012 Del Rey will reissue a “Paradise” edition of Born to Die which will feature nine additional songs, including the new sensation “Ride”. This track is an inspiring and creative mixture of poetry and song that showcases Lana Del Rey’s new found maturity and self confidence. This empowered woman is a completely different creature to the girl who gave a shaky performance on the Saturday Night Live stage in January of this year. The additional material on the new “Paradise” edition gives the album a whole new dimension.

There is no logical reason to go out and buy the current album when in less than a month the improved version will be released. If you are not a fan of teenage angst with a dark twist then this is not the album for you. However if you happen to be searching for a album depicting your darkest and most hidden thoughts then Born to Die is perfect for you.     

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