As you wish

By Ivan Andrei Blazic


‘Lapsistain rakkain tää näyttämö on’ (Of my children the dearest one is this stage); These are the words that will send you on a journey beyond your wildest dreams.

The lyrics come from the song Taikatalvi which is sung in the new album, Imaginaerum, by Finnish symphonic-metal band, Nightwish.

Imaginaerum is the latest album by Nightwish and is guaranteed to not disappoint even the most die-hard fans. The album in particular focuses around music that almost seems to have been created specifically to take the listener on a trip through a journey of their own imagination.
This album is similar to the album Enter by Within Temptation (another symphonic-metal band). Both excite your senses and tempt your desire for adventure which I think we can all agree is always a good thing.

The songs that really stood out for me in this album were Taikatalvi with its’ music box charm; Turn loose the mermaids, Scaretale (with its haunting beginning and eerie style); The crow, the Owl and Dove (which seemed similar to a folk song to me); Last ride of the day, Song of Myself and of course, Imaginaerum, the culmination of all the songs in the album put together into one delicious instrumental piece.

I was sad to hear that, during their Imaginaerum world tour, one of the vocalists, Anette Olzon, decided to leave the band due to the direction and the needs of the band being in conflict. However, the show must go on as they say. The band enlisted the services of ReVamp vocalist, Floor Jansen to replace Anette as their vocalist for the duration of the tour.

The band started in 1996 and got a record deal in 1997; soon after, they released their very first album, Angels Fall First; on New Years Eve of that same year, the perform their debut gig.
I wasn’t the only one impressed by this album, some movie producers took interest in the music and, based from that, made a movie from it titled (rather appropriately) ‘Imaginaerum’. The movie is said to be released later in November this year. If you like this album, then I’m sure you will love the movie as well.

This is an album that I would recommend to teens between the ages of 15 and 19 since it deals with the imagination and inspires creativity which is something most teens enjoy; of course all ages are welcome.



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