An inspiration through soul music



After hearing her debut hit Jailer, I was inspired to listen to other tracks on the album titled Asa (2007) #15 FRA. The album reflected on her state of mind. She sang and wrote about social and political issues.

A young lady born in Paris, France to Nigerian parents. She returned to Nigeria when she was two years old. After twenty years later Asa returned to Paris, which is where her life as an artist took wing. She grew up listening to diverse music from artist including Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Micheal Jackson and Lauryn Hill. This influences played a huge part when Asa began her music path. She signed to record label naïve in 2007, she released her debut album, which spawned the hits songs Jailer and fire on the mountain. These songs launched Asa her music career globally.

The influence that Lagos had on her can be heard through her album Asa (2007). The hits were filled with Afro-beat through pop. She had to balance her beliefs between Christianity and Islam. She hasn’t been on news the recently but has recently performed at the Edda New Yam festival.

Interceptive and Evaluative  

When listening to her music it feels like you listening to her performance rather than her album. The instrument she uses in the album has so much effect in her songs that the tone of her voice mends with the genre of her music.

When you hear her voice you understand the feel of music that is made naturally from the instruments that she uses. Her music and songs are mainly filled of Jazz, Ragga and Soul and this is through her listening to artist that producer’s music of such genres.

Her lyrics tell a story that makes a person not only be willing to listen to the instruments but her words. Asa writes her own songs that is why it’s easy for her to interpret the songs perfectly.  Her voice sounds like lauryn Hill voice mainly because they sing the same genre mostly when there both delivering the same genre.

The best track in the album is Bibanke. When I looked down the track list the song just grabbed my attention because I didn’t know the meaning of the title and that’s where I discovered how unique the song was from others. This song is mainly in the Soul genre, for those people who just want to listen and relax.

The worst track in the album is Awe. I didn’t find any interest in the song. It was simple and it didn’t bring out the feel of instruments that I felt with other tracks.

As a young lady I hope Asa continues to bring us the feel of jazz, soul and Ragga mixed together.


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