Affirmation on a Sunday afternoon

By Veronica Daniels


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If it is spiritual soothing you are after, then Kirk Whalum gospel is exactly what you are looking for.

Nominated for the 2004 Grammy Awards for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album Kirk Whalum’s ‘The Gospel According to Jazz Chapter II’ has surely put a refined twist on gospel. He has managed to give gospel a soothing dose of jazz if you are in the need of a relaxed yet empowering soul searching session. This smooth jazz saxophonist and songwriter can truly affect ones heart while entertaining listeners at the West Angeles Church of God in Los Angeles, CA with this contemporary gospel jazz.

Together with his son, Kyle Whalum, baby brother Kevin Whalum and the impressive company of musicians and gospel vocalists from the Chapter I concert managed to get heads shaking in either direction from enjoyment with the laid-back mellow tunes by this great musician. ‘Electric guitars, synthesizers, and vocals ensure that pop fans won’t feel alienated, while Whalum’s gentle tenor lines are unassailable in their technical expertise. A performance that succeeds as both a musical and Christian event.’

This award winning composer and arranger has put together this composition to reach the hearts of many in need of intimacy through a good-natured manner. ‘Ta Ta You Jesus’ peformed by Kevin Whalum has reflected love and grace for the Lord Jesus. This song is a true heart opener if one has a lot to be thankful for and if the Lord has been there to help you through difficult times. The song has been inspired by Kirk Whalum’s two nieces’ who at the age of three pronounced the word thank you as Ta Ta. The lyrics are a true inspiration especially for young children because no matter how you pronounce a word the Lord knows what you are saying. The performance by Kevin Whalum has given a childish flair to the song when he added children’s drama to complement his great vocals.

Guest artists also featured on this CD are acoustic guitarist, Johnathan Butler who has yet managed to indulge one with his inspiring tunes and vocals including George Duke and Paul Jackson Jr.
Amiable/Good-Natured, Light, Spiritual, Gentle, Refined, Reverent, Smooth, Intimate, Reflective, Relaxed, Soft/Quiet, Warm, Laid-Back/Mellow, Soothing, Reserved. In a nutshell feel good music with a good jazzy tune with the Empowering of God. The best reflection on a Sunday afternoon


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