Adele’s heartbreak brings success

By Megan Kodi      
Her heartbreak was the reason behind her global success. Her emotions exposed for the world to sink into. Her Album was more than an album, it was a tragic love story that thousands relate to.

The Album, Adele 21 released on 21 January 2011and topped charts in over 30 countries worldwide. The album appeared in the 2012 edition of Guinness World Records and is the best selling album of the 21st century for the United Kingdom. As of October this year Adele’s 21 Album sold over 25 million copies. The emotional writing songstress won the Grammy Award for the album of the year and the Brit award for the British album for the year. Adele scooped six Grammy awards this year showing that her hard work, pain and emotion counted for something great.

Soul, Pop, and R&B (Rhythm and Blues) were the genres of the songs on the Album. ‘Rolling in the deep’ was one of the tracks on the Album that got your feet tapping and head bobbing to the sound of the drums. The track became a worldwide hit along with ‘Someone like you’ and ‘Set fire to the rain’. ‘Rumour has it’, and ‘Turning Tables’ chartered in the Top 20 across Europe and North America.

Adele began writing for the Album in April of 2009, while she was still in the relationship that subsequently inspired the Album. The writer and songstress intended to compose an upbeat and contemporary follow-up. However studio sessions had ended prematurely due to the lack of inspiration. Production resumed immediately after the break-up. Adele used the break-up to somewhat of an advantage to channel her emotions and thoughts into her music.

Producers Jim Abbiss, Paul Epworth, Rick Rublin, Fraser T Simth, Ryan Tedder who is a member of the group One Republic, and Dan Wilson helped bring the Album to life. Ryan Tedder who is a musician himself, was one of the producers and this was to Adele’s advantage as he could see things from a musicians point of view.

My favourite track on the Album is track 04 ‘Don’t you remember’ It took me back to the painful break-up I had gone through. I had connected with the song because the love of my life had walked out of my life for no valid reason at the time. Listening to the song made me think deeply, and brought back many memories. It made me picture the love of my life walking out my life all over again and choosing not to remember. The song is slow and has a Southern feel. She uses the line ‘I have a fickle heart’.This line tells us how open and vulnerable her heart was to love. She goes on to sing ‘please remember me once more’.This indicates that her lover has moved on and she is left picking up the pieces of her broken heart.

Adele’s Album is the best Album I have listened to from a young adult. She displayed maturity, something most twenty-one years old lack. She was unafraid for the world to hear her story through her music. It is an Album that many people young and old can connect with on different levels. People who have had break-ups or people who are currently going through a break-up can relate to it.

Following the news the young star recently became mother. She gave birth to a baby boy. We give Adele her space to enjoy her bundle, but we do anticipate greater songs and albums from her. It would be a thrill watching her try to outdo her Adele 21 Album!


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