A taste of The Muffinz

By Canny Maphanga

These words mark the lyrics to the title track to the debut album of local South African band The Muffinz.  The band, which is made up of five young talented males burst into the urban scene receiving a great response to their 11-track debut album “Have you heard”, which was released through just music.  The genius production and magical vocals have captured many soulful hearts over South Africa, including me.

The album “Have you heard”, which is produced by The Muffinz can be categorised as eclectic, afro-soul. The strong lyrical content and African sound of instrumentals takes me back to my roots, enabling me to travel to a zone which sparks an element of soul and meaning to music. Their artistry reminds me of jazz legendary musicians such as the likes of Hugh Masekela and Lira.

The taste of each tantalizing track on this album will leave one yearning for more; it’s refreshing, original, deep and breath-taking content will distance you away from the usual popular, tasteless and rather dull music we are exposed to on a daily basis in this modern age. The unique lyrics in each track tap into your soul and force you to dig deeper into its meaning. When listening to the album repeatedly, I found myself lost in this journey into the beautiful world of eclectic soul music.

“Khumbul’Ekhaya” and “Umsebenzi Wendoda” are personal favourites; these tear-jerkers have clean vocals, magical instrumentals and a message hidden in the lyrics which hit home. “Khumbul’Ekhaya” speaks of remembering home, a strong yearning for everything you left back home on your journey to the next chapter of your life. “Umsebenzi Wendoda” is an ode for single mothers, the heavy African touch and feel to both these tracks is something I strongly relate to.

There is a high level of consistency in the album “Have you heard” as it flows naturally from one track to the next. One can feel and hear the effort put into creating this album from the lyrics, soft vocals and the overwhelmingly astounding instrumentals.  The soft clean vocals offered by the artists bring the album to life, enhancing the pleasing lyrics and instrumentals fused together.

The Muffinz have received great reviews, Entertainment Reporter Munyaradzi Vomo has dubbed their debut album as “the birth of a phenomenal group”. This is a feel good album for all soul lovers to enjoy and share with the world.

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