A Script for any love story

By Warwick Skerritt

Honest, deeply moving, emotion responding lyrics that will take you back to where you found true love and heartbreak. The Scripts new album # 3 was released last month and has taken pop/rock lovers  by storm with their hit singles “Hall of Fame “and “Six degrees of separation”.

The album was released on 10 September 2012 and within the first hour of their tour to Dublin, Belfast, Nottingham, Aberdeen, Sheffield and London, over 100,000 tickets were sold. This third album released from the Dublin based trio follows up their 2010 album, “Science and Faith”, and is led by the powerful lyrics of vocalist Danny O’Donoghue. The album also features Black Eyed Peas member Will.I.Am, who adds his vocal talents to the leadoff single, “Hall of Fame.”

O’ Donoghue and lead guitarist Mark Sheehan continue to write lyrics that draw on a number of influences including Bob Dylan, Elton John and U2. They have also continued to write heartfelt songs and lyrics based on their life experiences which have connected so well with their fans and listeners alike, as they describe the struggles and joys of love. These experiences include Danny O’Donoghue’s recent break up with long term girlfriend, model Irma Mali, which was the inspiration behind the heart breaking hit “Six Degrees of Separation“.

The song, “If You Could See Me Now”, is an emotional tribute to O’Donoghue’s late father, and to Mark’s parents who died within months of each other when he was just twelve years old. Mark refers to his song writing as a kind of musical therapy and admits when performing the song it brings up his emotions of his loss and brings tears to his eyes. Mark cannot even bring himself to play the track in public and sometimes leaves the room whenever it is played over the studio’s speakers. He has later told reporters that the song came from a page from his diary reflecting on the dark point in his life. The band is yet the play the song live and Mark does not know if there will ever be the right time to play it, as it so it is so personal to him.

With regards to their powerful and uniquely upbeat song, “Hall of Fame”, they looked to capture as much emotion in the track’s sound as there was in the lyrics. With regards to working with Will.I.AM they looked to make a great duet, where worked on each line together, where a truly inspiring duet was formed producing one of their greatest hits.

The Scripts new album is fuelled by feelings of real life experiences, as they create lyrics of heartbreak and loss that will really connect to its listeners, stirring up emotions of past relationships you would never knew you had. This album will take you down a memory lane of emotions with lyrics connecting to listeners, being more than words but an emotional journey.

But not all the songs on #3 are emotionally moving or have a moody tone. The Script have adapted their ways moving slightly from their pop/rock genre in certain tracks toward a more light contemporary R&B, including the rap-heavy, “If You Could See Me Now”. Songs such as the passionate “Six Degrees of Separation”, the romantic “Glowing and the emotional “No Words” are all memorable, well written modern pop hits that should appeal to the die-hard fans, as well as any other listener who enjoys emotion stirring mainstream and commercial music.


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