Zahara driven by ‘loliwe’

By Babalwa Resha

The seven times SA Music Awards (Samas) nominee is contracted to TS Records, co-owned by Thembikosi “TK” Nciza and Sibusiso Leope, aka DJ Sbu.

Not only has her voice leaved listeners want to listen more on her vibrant, promising, and listenable songs. Zahara has made her own label name in the contemporary South Africa as a whole. The album has sold more than 400,000 copies in South Africa, reaching double
platinum status.

Zahara is a reserved laid back female guitarist, who is from one of the small rural areas in the Eastern Cape known as ‘Phumlani’. Being a rural girl did not restrict her from fulfilling her singing
dreams. The singer is being regarded by the Sunday world as Spinach (Zahara’s other stage name) – one to use in Joburg and the other when she is in the Eastern Cape.

There is only one album to review from her, since she is new in the music industry and has one album release thus far. Focusing on her album ‘Loliwe’- an album she released in 2011, while people danced for it in taxis, at the beaches, and on the streets. The name ‘Loliwe’ which is known as a train, follows the story of a father who left by train to go and work on the mines never to return home again.

Zahara collaborated with Georgyn Kanana in track six ‘incwadi encane’, and they have made an isiXhosa with Kanana singing Shona line. She also did a remix of the ‘lengoma’, which she
collaborated with DJ Sbu.

She is from third class kind of environment, whereby it is sometimes hard to fulfil dreams.  A Xhosa song track number seven named ‘lengoma’-which mean this song, is the best song that describes her journey. This is where Zahara tells her story, that people have been closing doors for her, telling her she’s nothing but an imaginary person. She is asking people to listen to it, as it’s an inspirational track that fulfils hope and is motivational in lyrics. ‘Umthwalo’-track two is the best track that touches Zahara every time she performs it. She always cries every time she’s on stage
performing this song. ‘Umthwalo’ is a Xhosa name meaning ‘burden’, this track depicts that she has had a lot to deal with as a result she needs someone’s hand to carry her through the burden.


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