Hot House Music Jams

By: Sithembiso Mokwena

Prominent house music producer and DJ Sdunkero Kunene has expanded his Edladleni series with the release of a new disk titled Edladleni 5.

The Mpumalanga famous spinner, Dumisani Maxwell Kunene, best known as DJ Sdunkero who does not even need any introduction has made another comeback! Sdunkero who is a DJ, producer and executive director for Groova Records has just released his fifth album entitled ?Edlandleni Vol.5?.

His sharp ears and skills of producing implacable tunes have made Sdunkero famous and talent in the country. With no music background, DJ Sdunkero is a true house celebrity with endless accomplishments. His latest album produced at Groova Records Nelspruit in Mpumalanga, is very inviting with fresh and worth listening sounds.

As anticipated, Shisa boy delivers the best hit on this offering. The song titled ?le way? is a serious crowd puller that also showcase Sdunkero marketable ability to produce a sound that taps directly to Mzansi?s teenage crowd. In addition to Shisaboy?s vocal work this song is well polished, everything sounds perfect from mixing to mastering.   

Sdunkero who hails from Mpumalanga, also team up with Venda speaking artist Tshimangadzo to do a Venda track called ?Kharitshine?. This track has a very captivating beat, laced with smooth synthesizer and chilled bass lines. The producer also attempt to reach out to electro music fans with the track called ?more than I know?, which features a vocalists who only known as precious. It is a decent track but it offers very little to brag about.

Sdunkero Edladleni volume 5 can be seen as a combination of commercial house and electro, looking on previous albums: ?Edladleni vol. 1? (2008) which include the song which win the song of the year in 15th SAMA?s awards 2008 ?Maputo song?, ?Edladleni vol. 2? (2008), ?Edladleni vol. 3 the re-birth? (2009), ?Edladleni vol. 4? (2010), ?Edladleni vol. 5? (2011), DJ Sdunkero stays true to the house music culture by being relevant to the latest trend with soul piercing songs such as ?The Way You Love? and ?Sophisticated?. ?Edladleni vol.5? is sure to get house music lovers dancing until the morning comes. The song ?Ukuta? is a testimony of how talented Sdunkero is a festive of jam of note.  The talent is no stranger to introducing new taste of house music.

Take this: This album is commendable but it doesn?t really introduce anything new to the game.

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