Calvin Harris 18 Months

By Kerrelin Khan

?18 Months? is the third studio album for Scottish DJ Calvin Harris. Harris has evolved since his gold selling album titled ?I created Disco?, which debuted back in 2007. The album boasted many top singles such as ?Acceptable in the 80s” and “The Girls”. His second album gained much attention ?Ready for the weekend?, which combined Electro and Pop. Hits such as ?I?m not alone? and “Flashback?? added flavour to dance floors. Harris has proved to be the best as his sound have evolved from Electro Pop to Deep House and Base coming off from his third album.
His biggest album to date ?18 Months?, shows the DJ?s ability to combine all three genres: House, Electro and Pop.  He has been working with some of the music industries heavy weights such as Rihanna, Neyo, Kelis and Florence Welsh. Harris? big break came when he collaborated with Rihanna, in the hit track ?We found love?, the song which stood at the top ofBillboard Hot 100 for ten non-consecutive weeks.
While his single ?Feel so close? became his first entry into the Billboard Hot 100, with his position at twelve. Collaborating with Florence Welsh in ?Sweet nothing?, earned the duo a poll position at number one in the UK singles chart. Harris?s new form is commercially driven showing that DJ?s can make music that is just as big as any artist.
Combining with artists enabled Harris to reach out to more than his fans, but rather the fans who enjoy RnB as well as Pop. Beats off the album are filled with high energy and fist pumping tunes. The album lacks the personal element which Harris used in his last two albums. His singing is not present for most tracks, yet he replaces himself with the smooth sounds of Florence Welsh in ?Sweet nothing?, Neyo gives an RnB element to ?Let?s go?, while artists like Kelis and Rihanna add to the Pop genre. His latest project is with British rapper Example, whose song has already hit number one in Ireland.
Calvin Harris is nominated for Best Electronic Act, as well as Best Song with Rihanna and Best Video at which all take places at this year?sMTV Europe Music Awards in Frankfurt, which will take place on 11 November 2012. Calvin Harris is currently on tour promoting his album. Harris will be in America, Brazil and Australia to name a few of the countries for the next two years.





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