Blissfully trance dance


By Juandre Duminy

A review of the album: A state of trance 2012 by Armin Van Buuren

This is for those who are addicted to trance and dance. If you enjoy music that gets you moving and shaking. Then ?A state of trance 2012? is definitely necessary buy. This compilation, yet another winning mix by Armin Van Buuren is 2 hours and 35mins of pure beat and vocals to get the soul moving. According to a state of trance; ?The Dutch DJ and producer lives, breaths and sleeps on the wonders of the 4 to 4 beat and has been at it for more than 15 years?
The CD has two discs, and has been split into two categories one for the beach and the other for in the club. The songs flow into each other, which makes for an easy listen, especially in the comfort of one?s home. This gives the feel that it is an actual set being played in the comfort of your living room or car. The CD?s are well put together mix of dance/trance tracks. The latter more upbeat than the former. Therefore, dance addicts would prefer disc 2 to, disc 1.
CD 1 has one track from Armin Van Buuren; ?Armin Van Buuren feat. Ana Criado ? Suddenly Summer? whereas CD 2 has two tracks: Armin Van Buuren presents Gaia- J?ai Envie De Toi? and ?Armin Van Buuren & Orjan Nilsen ?Belter? along with some club mixes by Van Buuren himself. Everything comes together as a techno and bass mix of trance. Certain parts are fast while others warm you up enough to get the feel of the beats. Therefore giving a well-rounded insight into the dance arena culture. The album mixes commercial tracks with less commercial beats. For those who like to sing along to the tracks, not to worry the album is not just hours of beats. You have been thought of as well especially with tracks like ?Gareth Emery feat. Christina novella ? Concrete Angel (John O?Callaghan Remix)?.  Which is a pleasant tranquil track with light vocals easy to sing along to.
The album is an upbeat compilation of club mixes with one or two more slowed down tracks. Which takes you to the party atmosphere and gets one pumped up. The carefully chosen variety of tracks makes this a good listen for anytime of the day. A state of trance 2012 is the most recent of its successors since 2004. For more trance club mixes, one can give the other compilations a listen as well.


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