Mumford and Sons take off.

By Kristen Breero

A folk and rock band, Mumfor


d and Sons inspire us all. The release of their new album Babel is catchy and easy to listen to. With their most popular song I will wait topping the charts of the music world in most countries. This band of four is originally from London. Their band was founded in November of 2007 and ever since then they have continued to grow. Their first album which was released in 2009, titled Sign No More, became number 1 in; Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. Their current album Babel is becoming the fastest selling album to hit the UK in 2012.  The band has received 2 Grammy Award nominations, one for the Best Rock Song, thus being their famous Little Lion Man and their second award for the Best New Artist. Unfortunately, they did not win any of the awards. In 2011 they won 4 awards, 3 from the BillBoard Music Awards and one from the Brit Awards. This year alone, 2012, they have been nominated for four awards at The Grammy Awards.

At the time of their formation, there were a number bands trying to start out in West London. They all fell into the category of what was believed to be the ‘folk scene’. However, Mumford and Sons wanted to draw away from this as they said it wasn’t just folk. Their name was formulated due to the fact that Marcus Mumford, the lead singer was the one who seemed to be in the limelight at the time. Besides this, they wanted to create a name that gave the impression of a family business name.

Little Lion Man and I Will Wait have become their most famous tracks, each one originating from the new and old album. This band does not use every day musical instruments. They have become known for their folk influence, using items such as a banjo, mandolion and a piano. The uses of these instruments aren’t only used in a folk sense but mostly in alternative rock. The lyrics of most of their songs have a literary content. Some of these songs take reference from Shakespere plays as well as well-known novels such as Of Mice and Men.

Their music may not be your every day pop music, but their music is inspirational and it makes you want to get on your feet and do something which is beneficial. It makes you feel happy, warm and at peace with yourself, which is not something you get from all music.



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