Cool Kid Kendrick in M.A.A.D City

By Nikho Mageza

The new sensation and story teller has released his long awaited album. Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid in M.A.A.D. City hit the stores on October 22 and it has already made waves on radio stations and the fans Ipods. It has been stated the best Hip Hop debut album by Hype Magazine. On ITunes alone it has had 6028 ratings within the day of its release and all ratings rating an outstanding 5/5.

The Compton LAX rapper has made a name for himself through the out stand mix tapes which he has released a long the years. Lamar’s first mix tape self titled Kendrick Lamar EP which was released under Top Dawg Entertainment established him into the Hip Hop game. In 2011 he released Section 80, his first independent album, which in my opinion was an outstanding album. On the Billboard Top 40 Alums it is currently sitting at number 32 competing against Rihanna, Chris Brown and G.O.O.D. Music. Each song had a story to tell from his family life and what he has experienced growing up and the Hip Hop game. The engineering of each song was carefully thought of thus making it one of the best albums available since the commercial change in Hip Hop.

His debut album was released under Interscope which many associate with Dr. Dre. Kendrick works with some heavy weights such as Dr. Dre, Drake and Mary J. Blige on this album. He has already released two singles from the album. The first being The Recipe featuring Dr. Dre which had an outstanding response but his second single Swimming Pools (Drank) managed to enter the Billboard chart and is currently sitting at number seven in their Hip Hop/ R&B digital songs.

The album ranges from the usual party tracks to the more serious content. The party track of the album is Swimming Pools (drank) and it is Kendrick’s fist official music video. The track on its own has been doing wonders for the album itself. Kendrick’s sound in this album is a softer version of Section 80 and this is understandable due to the record label’s own interests. Some songs to look out for are Poetic Justice featuring Drake, Compton featuring Dr. Dre and one of my personal favourites Now or Never featuring Mary J. Blige. Now or Never is a track dedicated to all his fans thanking them for their support and of course his musical evolution.


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