Oasis, Dig Out Your Soul

Oasis seems to have taken the title of their newest album, Dig Out Your Soul, to heart with a new strong and rejuvenated sound apparent in their latest music.


Oasis, originally named “The Rain”, was formed in 1991 by the Gallagher brothers, Liam and Noel. The band now consists of Liam Gallagher as the lead vocalist and tambourine, Noel Gallagher as vocals, lead guitar, drums and keyboard, Gem Archer on rhythm guitar, bass guitar and keyboard, and Andy Bell on bass guitar, rhythm guitar and keyboards. Since their formation the band has released a total of 10 albums. Their first album, Definitely Maybe was release in 1994, followed by (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? in 1995, Be Here Now in 1997, The Masterplan in 1998, Familiar To Millions, Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants and Heathen Chemistry in 2000, Don’t Believe The Truth in 2005, Stop The Clocks in 2006, and most recently Dig Out Your Soul in 2008.

Oasis came back strong and confident with their 2008 album, Dig Out Your Soul. The album kicks it off strong with the first track “Bag It Up” and stays strong till “Soldier On” the last track on the album. The music on this album has a more confident, alert and upbeat sound reinforced with strong rhythms. This is in contrast to some of their past albums that have had an almost hazy or drugged quality to the music. Past albums also consisted of a lot of acoustic and a simple ‘drum, guitar, and vocals’ style used in the tracks. In Dig Out Your Soul, Oasis has literally dug back to the roots of old school Rock ‘n Roll. The new songs utilize a number of other instruments, giving them a fuller and louder sound, and they even had the National In-Choir assist with the backing vocals of the track “The Turning”. The group maintained their unique, Beatles-inspired sound of Rock ‘n Roll with psychedelic influence, Dig Out Your Soul is simply a revival of that sound in an album that many agree can finally compete with their brilliant 1995 album, (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?    

Dig Out Your Soul sold 90 000 copies in the UK on its 1st day of release, and 200 866 copies in its 1st week. It became the 2nd fastest selling album in 2008, only beaten by Coldplay’s Viva la Vida. Oasis’s 10th album hit #1 on the UK Albums Chart, and #5 on the US’s Billboard 200 and the album continues to be generally considered as a success in the music world.        


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