More Good Luck for GoodLuck.

By: Heather Greevelink

The GoodLuck band featuring; Ben Peters, Juliet Harding and recently Raiven Hansmann on saxophone and keyboard, are a relatively new act to hit the music scene. They are South African, which is a plus because they could really give South African music a good name. Their first album self ??titled ‘GoodLuck,’ which features the well known track “Taking it Easy,’ has received an immense amount of positive feedback from the public.

The album was released on the 13th of April 2011; there are 12 eclectic tracks including ‘Hop on Hop off’ and the newest song hitting the radio today, ‘Electro Thing.’ The album has a great electro-jazz feel to it which is refreshingly different from the music being produced recently. What is interesting about the album is that it holds variety; most of the tracks are more of the upbeat variety that are welcomed in clubs, bars and lounges, but there are however a few songs that lean more towards the sombre side such as ‘Kissed in SoHo’

Many South African artists have collaborated with Goodluck on this album. Vocalists such as Mathew Moolman, Antony Oseyemi, Lisa Kekuala (Vocalist for Basement Jaxx) and Nathan Woodman lend their voices on a few of the tracks. Instrumentals include; Lee Thompson on trumpet, Ross McDonald on trombone, Dave Ledbetter and Carl Wegelin on guitar and lastly Monique Van Willingh on the flute can be heard throughout the album.

I personally feel this is a fantastic album; the sound is good, the lyrics are catchy and listening to this music generally puts you in a great mood. Must listens on this album are; ‘Electro Thing,’ London Sixteen66,’ and my favourite track, ‘The Vision.’ Whether you are relaxing after a hard day at work or having a few drinks with friends before hitting the town, this album adheres to all your musical needs. Do yourself a favour and get down to the nearest Musica and purchase this album. You won’t be sorry.

The Cape Town based band has come a long way since they first started out. They have constantly left fans in awe after numerous live shows in Dubai, Netherlands, and throughout South Africa. Recently they have been nominated for three South African Music Awards including Record of the Year for their song ‘Taking it Easy,’ Best Dance Album and Group of the Year. You can read more about them on their official website; Goodlucklive.


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