Bobs Wailing for Exodus

By Catherine Lee

Bob believed in his lyrics so much that instead of trying to sing clearly at live concerts, he forced words out to emphasise the meaning of what he was trying to say. The Wailers consisted of Bob singing, Bunny Wailer playing the guitar, Carlton Barrett the drummer, Aston Barrett the bassist and Lindo the keyboard player.

Exodus is an amazing album. It is inspirational because of The Wailers love towards God. They praised God in most of their songs; Bob merely exposed his feelings and beliefs through his music. That I believe, with talent is what separates a majestic artist, from a regular singer.

Exodus is not only inspirational but also happy, thought encouraging, praiseful and relaxing in one. Very few artists manage to conjunct all these qualities together. Often albums are overrun by particular instruments. This band evenly distributed their instruments amongst band members, making the sound more pleasant.

I recommend the songs Jamming and One Love.

Jamming always gives me goose bumps when I listen to it because of the way the music builds up with the drums and Bob’s remarkable voice during the chorus. This song will be played for many years to come, as it has a rating of 10 under many other reviews. One love displays a sense of unity, peace, love and praise. These are all of the aspects of life that we should follow.

The king of reggae (Bob Marley) is definitely not over rated. Everything that this man stood for is how we should perceive the world. He is rated number 11 of the world’s best singers in history, according to VH1. This ultimately proves that he has affected the world by his powerful performances. I hope that he and his band will have a positive impact on many more people, like they did to me.

I have to admit that reggae is not my favourite type of music; however Bob enhances my love towards it. Music is like art where your feelings should be expressed. Bob sang every song with so much passion, as if it was his last moment on earth.

This album was of global importance in expressing Jamaican routes to all cultures. It enhanced Jamaica’s identity and exposed the talent that this country possesses. It is better to listen to Bob Marley and the Wailers via CD. The DVDs will give you an idea of the atmosphere and manner in which they performed; however the quality is low.

Bob Marley and the Wailers

Exodus is definitely one of Bob Marley and the Wailers best albums. I highly suggest listening to Jamming and One Love over and over again. Nobody can get sick of this.


2 thoughts on “Bobs Wailing for Exodus

  1. After reading this my love I had for Bob in the seventies has just been rekindled – I need to go and find some tracks to listen to…

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