A Pina Colada Romance

By Michelle du Toit

If you like Pina Coladas
And enjoy reading a blog,
If you?re not into news sites
And twitter seems like thick fog,
If you like readings blogs at midnight
In the warmth of your office,
Then this is the page you?ve looked for
Read now it?s a novice.
Now if you DON?T know what song I?m referring to you need to click here. If you do know you may want to click there too, just to sing along or brighten up your day.A story about a married man, who reads a personal ad in the newspaper and answers it, only to find out that the woman is in fact his wife. The mutual shock makes for an entertaining realization that neither of them knew that the other liked Pina Colada?s.
What makes a good song? To me, its whether it provokes you. It doesn?t matter if it provokes a smiles or some head-banging, if it makes you react then it really speaks to you. It gets stuck in your head, not in the annoying Alvin and the Chipmunks-show tune kind of way but it a good way. I dare you to sing it grumpily ? it?s impossible!
Originally called ?Escape? it was written by the American artist Rupert Holmes. It featured in the soft rock album ?Partners in Crime? and this was released in September of 1979. The album consists of many ballads and this intriguing and catchy this song has quite a history. Originally the chorus began with ?if you like Humphrey Bogart?, the American actor. The song was written for Holmes? own amusement based on a ?what if? scenario that dawned upon him whilst reading the classifieds of a newspaper. He saw a personal ad and laughed because with his luck, if he were to ever answer one of those it would probably turn out to be his woman?s ad. And this is how the Pina Colada story began.
On release, it was instantaneously popular. The song was then renamed to the Pina Colada song as that was what everybody knew it as. The song?s popularity has not faded and still features in movies, TV shows, radio and more. The song features in Shrek, The Sweetest Thing, The General?s daughter, Will and Grace, Six Feet Under, The Simpsons and Gnomeo and Juliette.
Rupert Holmes has a variety of credentials besides the famous Pina Colada tune. He has written Broadway plays, written songs for renowned artists like Britney Spears and Barbra Streisand. He has written a novel, Where the truth Lies, a TV series, Remember WENN. He has won Emmy?s and Tony?s yet he will always be known as the man who wrote the Pina Colada song. In an interview with the New York Magazine he says that it feels like regardless of what he does and has done with his life, his ?tombstone will be a giant pineapple?.
A happy tune, a sweet story and catchy! It?s standing the test of time, it?s astoundingly popular and it still tells a story. So when thinking about or listening to this story, remember that Rupert Holmes too has a story, and is more than the Pina-Colada man.
So if you like Pina Colada?s
You?ve now learnt something new,
If you want to know more
Click here and here too,
If you wanna be singing along now
In the rain of your shower,
Then it?s here you must click now
And repeat for an hour!

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