Rise Against at RAMfest2013: get amped!!


By: Ashleigh Pritchard


Legendary punk rock band Rise Against will be shedding their electric light on South Africa next year at RAMfest 2013! This controversial band made up of the incredibly talented: Tim McIIrath (lead vocals), Zach Blair (lead guitar and backing vocals), Brandon Barnes (drums and percussion) and Joe Principe (bass guitar and backing vocals). They will be playing at RAMfest which travels to Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

Chicago born, Rise Against is a controversial band not only through their hard-hitting messages in their song lyrics and videos but they also are involved in various organisations which they encourage their fans to become involved in, namely on their official website. They raise awareness for organisations such as PETA and Amnesty International. They are known for their moving and agenda-driven videos and aim at raising awareness of current issues and to create a sense of solidarity with global issues of discrimination, human and animal rights and the ills of war. They have gone from an underground sound to a global phenomenon fighting for justice through their music. Majority of the band members are vegetarian or vegan and as a band they are focussed particularly on the conservation of animal rights (their music video for “Ready to Fall” shows the atrocities caused by humans to the natural world). They also have an interest in the plight of refugees and the atrocities of war as seen in “Hero of War” and “Prayer of the Refugee”.

Their sound can be seen as alternative metal or punk rock, considering all of their (amazing) past albums: ‘The Unraveling’ (2001), ‘Revolutions per minute’ (2003), ‘Siren Song of the Counter Culture’ (2004), ‘The Sufferer and the Witness’ (2006), ‘Appeal to Reason’ (2008) and Endgame (2011), Rise Against is multifaceted and they are one of those bands that you either love or hate. They have an individual sound that resonates with their moving and often controversial lyrics. They have recently released a new album ‘Satellite'(2012) which comprises of their new EP, ‘Satellite’ and 2 live tracks. Although they are predominantly metal, nearly everyone knows one of their title tracks “Swing Life Away” which brings their raucous sound down to a calm melodic ballad, which just proves their versatility.

These passionate, philanthropists will soon be rocking SA soil and are guaranteed to be a must-see! If you like what you hear and you’re South African grab the opportunity to head-bang with a cause!

Follow Rise Against for their latest news!

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