Head bopping and soul sharing


Photo by Brian Appio

By Katharine Holmes

Playful, soulful, fun and serious are all words which can be used to describe Hedley‘s third studio album The Show Must Go. The album showcases Hedley’s diversity of talent, and there is certainly something for everyone as it ranges from upbeat hits that make your head bop, to slow melodic love songs to listen to on a quiet day.

The multi-platinum award winning Canadian band, originating from British Columbia (BC), named themselves after the small BC town of Hedley which made news for going on sale. Lead vocalist and founding member Jacob Hoggard gained popularity after placing third in the second season of Canadian Idol. He went on to pursue fame with other band members Tommy Mac on bass, Dave Rosin on guitar and Chris Crippin on drums. Hedley signed to Universal Music Canada in 2005 and released The Show Must Go in Canada on 17 November 2009 and in the United States on 7 December 2010. The album has achieved considerable success and serves to demonstrate the scope of Canadian talent.

Perfect and Cha-Ching are two of the stand-out tracks from The Show Must Go as each create a unique and different atmosphere for the listener. Perfect, which reached #1 on the MuchMusic countdown, is a ballad-type rock song which explores the emotions one goes through when trying to hold onto a fractured relationship because “it’s worse to finish than to start all over”. Hoggard’s impressive vocal range and the use of instrumentals heighten the passion evoked by this raw and soul-bearing song.

Cha-Ching, which reached #6 on the Canadian Hot 100, is one of the more lively songs on the album and uses electro-beats to create a funky dimension of rock not often explored. The song challenges the American quest for and obsession with fame, and its use of strong and potent vocals bear relevance to many listeners who can relate to the world?s consumer culture.

Some other songs include Shelter which incorporates a reggae-type rhythm and is one of the carefree and fell-good songs, Amazing which is an expressive and meaningful song with a slow tempo, and Don’t Talk To Strangers which is one of the more playful and humorous songs on the album. 

The strength of The Show Must Go lies in Hedley’s ability to condense a variety of music types into one album which serves to suit a vast range of tastes.  This album will satisfy a song for every mood, and is highly recommended as a welcomed addition to any music collection.

Youtube: Uploaded by HedleyVEVO


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