The Good Girl Gone Bad

By: Shakeerah Keraan

Rihanna is a name that is common among the youngsters of today. Having sold more than twenty million albums worldwide, there is no wonder this star has grown from strength to strength.

Introducing herself with a banging hit such as Pon DE Replay, she was seen as a musical sensation at age 17, which was only the beginning of her success. Songs such SOS, Umbrella as well as Hate that I love you just pushed her right to the top of the charts, and yet she was still not at her full potential.

It was only in 2009 that she was finally noticed as a woman, exploring her musical talents by upping her game and releasing Rated R. The songs had more sexual content and were darker in nature. She had made a complete 360 and released songs that were believed to have helped her claim her sexual identity. Songs such as Rude Boy speaks of her desire to be with a boy,if he is man enough to be with her and whether or not he is capable of satisfying her. This song expressed the sexual identity which she had started to express in Good Girl Gone bad.

While songs like Photograph, which was upbeat and yet heartfelt, told the story of a girl who was in love and was only left with photographs to keep the memories alive. Songs like Russian Roulette gave listeners a darker side of Rihanna. The song has undertones of death, where she has this willingness to give up yet the need to survive is still strong inside her. The gunshot sound at the end of the song, gives listeners a clear indication that perhaps her emotional state was not stable, whilst she was producing this album.

This album has put Rihanna in a more mature light, as her songs has much more hidden meanings that give more life to her songs than before. According to popular belief, many fans suggest that her album has much to do with the troubled relationship with famous singer Chris Brown, as her songs became more dark and meaningful.


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