Mother Monster Does It Again

By Kawela M’ule

From Just Dance to Paparazzi, from Bad Romance to Alejandro, Lady Gaga transforms annually as an artist. Not only are lovers and haters anticipating what mother monster would do next but also to determine how far up the eccentric and controversial scale she can climb. Lady Gaga always keeps our creative eye lingering. From her fashion, to her music videos and of course her musical talent, this 5 time Grammy award winner is a rolled up ball of aesthetic yarn. Her third album Born This Way was released on the 23 of May 2011.

Prior to its release, listeners were graced with her first single on the 11th of February 2011, Born This Way. This song makes one want to feel like one of the audience on the Oprah Winfrey Show being told “You win a car” but instead walking up to anyone and saying “You are beautiful”. Not only is it a liberating song empowering those of all races to be confident of their identity but also no matter what your sexual preference is we are united so ?just put your paws up “cause you were born this way baby“.

She keeps this running theme of freedom and liberation through other tracks on her album such as Hair which contradicts all Indie Arie?s sentiments about hair and identity but instead declares “I am my hair“.

Shei’e which is one of the multilingual songs in her album takes more of a feminist approach. With introductory German lyrics, Gaga simply emphasizes how women do not need permission to be strong and in fact can prosper without all the Shei’e.

Just when we thought the Alejandro video was the most controversial track and music video we have seen by Gaga to date, 15th April 2011 marked the day when the most controversial track of 2011 was released – Judas.

This was one of the tracks that challenged the typical love crazy disco diva Lady Gaga we all knew. She portrayed herself as Mary Magdalene depicting relationship battles between Jesus of Nazareth and Judas Iscariot the “demon she clings to“.

Her country ballad, Yo’ and I, shows her appreciation for Nebraska and love. The video also introduced her male alter ego, Jo Calderone.

Her third single Edge of Glory includes a beautiful solo by the late saxophonist Clarence Clemons from Bruce Springsteen‘s E Street Band.

Lady gaga manages to take, identity, liberation, fashion, creativity, religion, rock ‘n roll and most of all her passion and love for music all combined onto an 80’s inspired upbeat album Born This Way.


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