Zahara: New kid on the block

By Lumka Blouw

Taken from youtube: posted bt MastermaxFilms

Over the past few weeks people all over South Africa have been talking about Zahara Mkutukane?s music. 23 year old Zahara Mkutukane released her debut album uLoliwe this year on August 29. uLoliwe which is the title track of the album has been a hit all over South Africa. If you enjoy music by Thandiswa Mazwai, Lira and Tracy Chapman, chances are you will also enjoy this album.

Zahara has got people like Dj S?bu and TK Nciza behind her and with her beautiful and strong voice there is no doubt that this young musician is going places. Zahara?s music has definitely got Mzansi moving. Almost everywhere I go, people have got uLoliwe  as their cell phones ringtone.

What does this album have?

In this album you will find songs like, My Guitar, Incwad?encane and South Africa?s favourite Nd?yathandaza. These are the types of songs that make you move your feet and then sing along you might even end up dancing. Zahara has got her song Nd?yathandaza remixed by Dj S?bu and they produced magic! The original song is great but the remix is magic.

When you are going for a long drive or you just want to relax, taking Zahara?s CD with you will not be a bad idea, especially if you love the guitar. This young sensational voice mixed with the guitar does actually bring out magic, good food for the soul. Seeing that people love and are enjoying Zahara?s music so much, spending money on the album would be a good decision. And we can almost tell that this new kid on the block that has got South Africa by storm will be the one rocking us with her music this summer.

If you plan on buying Zahara’s music, I suggest you do it now!!!


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