You Have to Feel the Ambience!/photo.php?fbid=23755160407&set=a.10150296883200408.552861.21785970407&type=3&theater
Taken from No One?s Arc Facebook profile pictures

Although somewhat inspired by the international music scene, No One?s Arc (N.O.A) exploits an idiosyncratic musical harmonization; creating a heartfelt inspirational sound, making the listener feel proudly South African.

The band formed in 2001, majority of the members started together in high school, then others joined, allowing for the completion of their band. There are now six members of the band, who all contribute towards the composition of a musical diversity of genres and sounds, releasing a distinctive sound, incorporating African Reggae, with variations from Blues-Rock to Funky Jazz. Writing and producing their own music, the diverse combination of band members makes this unique sound possible.

With Dylan Bolton?s deep meaningful vocals and guitar skills, Robby Johns lays down the beat on the drums; making your body move without thought. Millecent ?Mimi? Mthethwa offers her sweet melodious voice, with the backing vocals of a humming bird. Lee Nicholls anchors the harmonic frame work as he jams on the bass guitar. Bringing in some brass instruments; Phinda ?Goophy? Magagula, with vibrating lips on the trombone and Bongani Marundla blows air through closed lips on the trumpet. Making the listener feel like Bob Marley with a top-hat in a black and white movie. The ambience that is created from the fusion of various musical styles is no less than spectacular, and needs to be felt.

The bands? debut album was released in 2007; A Shot In The Dark, this was a huge contributing factor to many opportunities for them, allowing them to gain the much deserved media coverage. After winning the RP Studio?s Emerging Sounds Regional Final, they began to make a name for themselves, which grew beyond the spectrum of their hometown, venturing on to many opportunities, playing in Gauteng. They did not stop there, and continued to travel forward onto a road beyond expectancy. Playing their meshed up African beat at many prestigious South African entertainment events. To name a few; ?Up The Creek?, ?RAKA?, and ?Splasfen Music Festival?.

Their debut video; Shot In The Dark, was released in 2007 on MK DSTV. They have also performed The Days of Make Believe live on MK, Studio 1. The band has also been looked at through the ?African Eye? on News24, giving their band the ?thumbs-up?. Creating for audiences, the opportunity to be more than just entertained, but also taken into a world of unique, pure and positive sounds. The band celebrates the fact that they are alive, through the expression of music that is buoyant and cheerful, allowing audiences to celebrate it too. The band recently launched an official music video for U.F.O. Do not miss out on joining them on Facebook; sharing tracks and pictures as well as when their next gigs are. Don?t be like Avril Lavigne when she misses out on her skater boy when he rocks up the show and all her friends already know, get involved NOW! WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Youtube, music video of U.F.O, by noonesarc!/photo.php?fbid=147656815309211&set=o.21785970407&type=3&theater
Picture taken by: The Rabit Catcher


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