Written in the Script ((Science & faith, The Script, ?Nothing?, ?If You Ever Come Back?,?You Won?t Feel A Thing?, pop-rock, Celtic Soul))


Written in the Script   
By: Sibulele Mabusela

Science & faith, The Scripts latest album, is a combination of witty lyrics, detailed beats and a collection of songs with sing-along choruses demonstrating exactly what it is that gets the pop-rock group its acclaimed fame.

Released in September 2010, Science & faith is the bands second studio produced album which follows self titled: The Script which was released in August 2008.

The 10 track album consists of the bands signature sultry sound as it fails to disappoint fans from their first album while raking up new ones on their journey to what seems like destination: musical success.
The band demonstrate their musical ingenuity in songs like ?If You Ever Come Back? ?For The First Time? and ?You Won?t Feel A Thing?, but it?s the song ?Nothing? which has been compared time and time again to their chart topping hit from their previous album ?Breakeven? that make it seem as though the band have found what works for them and stuck to it, proving that a formula is not always a bad thing. The albums title song: ?Science& faith?; however, is what makes purchasing the album itself worthwhile.
Capturing the heart of the album, Science & faith is a song which discloses that love can?t be broken down to a science and is something to be felt rather than proved, the light-hearted beat and meaningful lyrics such as the those found in the chorus:?You won’t find faith or hope down a telescope, You won’t find heart and soul in the stars?, will have you singing along devoutly as if at The Scripts very own live music concert.

Critics have often found it hard to describe the bands sound as it is more than your typical pop-rock ensemble; it includes Hip-Hop, R&B as well as Celtic soul influences that will have you comparing the band to the likes of John Mayer, James Morrison, John Legend and Alicia Keys all wrapped up into one Irish boy band.

The Trio comprises of band members Danny O’Donaghue (25), and Mark Sheehan (27) who met in 1996 and Glen Power (28) who later joined the band in 2001.

With O’Donaghue on lead vocals and Sheehan on guitar and backing vocals it is Power?s diverse skills on the drums that complete the band and the Scripts sound.

Science& Faith may seem like an album played safe by the Irish trio but it definitely is worth purchasing. Songs to look out for include: Exit Wounds, Science &Faith and Nothing.
The Album can be purchased online here


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