Topping his game in rap

by Xolela Benz Benayo

Drake originally named Aubrey Drake Graham has been into the music industry since 2006, at the age of 20.

Being a new kid in the game of rapping/ hip-hop has not stopped Drake from fulfilling his dreams of being in the top 20 list. He, Drake has done some singles and has been featured on many occasions even by the likes of Alicia Keys. One of the hit singles that made Drake to be in the spot light is Replacement Girl which was in 2008. That led him an album by the name Heartbreak Drake. This led him winning best male hip-hop artist in 2010 at BET awards.

His hit new album, Take Care has brought the 25 year old rapper star to be in the recognition list when one is looking for the best hip-hop artist. Having worked with Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, to mention the few, has made the young star to be at his best in the game. I’m On One produced by T-minus (Tyler Williams) and 40 (Noah Shebib) has been a track that made Drake to be in collaboration with some members of the Cash Money Record, with the likes of Lil Wayne, Dj Khaled. In this track Drake is emphasizing his succession as also being in the top list of those who have big money.  

Working under the label Cash Money Records, the album, Take Care is set to hit waves big time. The album contains 15 tracks of which Drake has a track called Paris Morton where he expresses his care for those that he loves. In that said, it may also be a massage to his fans that he care about them

Drake has put so much effort in making sure that his album is at its peak.  He included track like Headlines, produced by Matthew Samuels (Boi da1) and Noah Shebib (40) has ensured that Drake?s newest album rich the status of selling at a platinum rate. The entire album being named Take Care may be symbolizing that Drake is ready for any challenges that may be in his way. Having Lil Wayne he is not competing with Drake, which makes Drake to have competitors like others who are new in the game which might be Wale as well as Wiz Khalifa.

Being a member of Cash Money Records has made drake to also recommend as one of the top rappers.




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