The winner’s Circle

-Video by PrimeCircleOfficial

South Africa?s leading rock band never ceases to entertain and get listeners hooked on their amazing music, but this time Prime Circle* have really outdone themselves. Most people take on a cynical approach when it comes to music which falls into the Rock genre because over the years, the spectrum has widened and music that doesn?t really have the heart-pumping affect of true Rock often falls into the genre; the opposite is true for the well-known band. Introduced to the world in September last year by EMI Record Company*, their newest album, ?Jekyll and Hyde?* is the fourth of theirs to be released and is definitely a cut above the rest, with sound engineers, Kevin Shirley (who worked with Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith) and George Marino (who worked with Guns n? Roses and Ozzy Osbourne) contributing significantly to the final product- a ?Rock Album of the Year?.

The album is made up of a selection of exciting, new rock songs; which are more, if not just as catchy as any of their previous best-selling tracks such as ?She Always Gets What She Wants? and ?Hello?, but with a prominent improvement with regards to falling more into the genre of true Rock. A few of the new tracks found on the album include the debut single, ?Breathing?, which achieved gold sales status after just over a week after being released; soon to follow was the track called ?Turning in My Sleep?* which topped music and radio charts and pushed the album up to the Platinum sales level. Another amazing single from this album is ?Never Gonna Bring Us Down?* which is one of their bigger, louder rock songs; this song perfectly characterises the band and is an apt representation of their style and attitude as leaders of the rock genre in South Africa.

Singer, Ross Learmonth confirms that the band really went the extra mile in the production of this album, he commented that the band?s ?mantra during the recording process was that good is not good enough? and Marco Gomez added that they had ?put a lot of pressure? on themselves to do their best. The songs on the album were specifically picked out of a bunch of potentials done by the band, in order to compile an album with only the best selection of songs so as not to disappoint any of their adoring fans. This album is definitely worth the time and money!

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-Picture by Heat Magazine
-Picture by Heat Magazine


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