The Stone?s Down the Way

Angus and Julia Stone are an Australian-born, brother-sister duo that produced their last album, Down The Way in 2010. The stones? first, debut album, A Book Like This released in September 2007, shows the progression from the early days of a learning band towards a more mature and  more resonant sounding latest album. Down the Way is still keeping with the group?s original, folksy sound but with more confidence and a sense of harmony moving away from the incorruptibility and innocence of their first album. The brother-sister duo have always had a rich, acoustic sound, the new album has a sense of energy while still being quietly reflective. The band has always had an avid, indie following but the track Big Jet Plane propelled international recognition and popularity. Although both brother and sister have released subsequent solo albums, Down the Way reminds listeners of their striking duet and how talented both are as well as their effectiveness in producing music together.

The album, Down the Way (2010) consists of 13 tracks, all with a beautifully, masterful selection of lyrical content although some tracks resonate too similarly with each other. The dynamic alternation of the two voices of Angus and Julia provide variety while still keeping with the general tone of the album. While Angus and Julia?s voices complement each other exquisitely, still retaining a difference and variance separately but when brought together create a similar tone and mood like the track Santa Monica Dream which resonates excellently with listeners. A similar track in terms of its purity is Walk It Off with its dominant acoustic guitar.

Down the Way encompasses a multiplicity of tones and moods in that the songs are vibrant and sad at the same time like the international hit Big Jet Plane with its hymnal qualities. Big Jet Plane is one of the best tracks on the album with Angus?s haunting, acoustic voice that is complete with interesting lyrics and an animated yet mellow tone and melody. While Julia?s soft, heartfelt and alternative voice on the track And The Boys portrays the siblings? different yet folksy-similar voices.

Haunting tracks like Yellow Brick Road stand out because of their profound ability to evoke many emotions in the listener. Yellow Brick Road has a whimsical yet melancholy sound to it along with beautifully matured lyrics.

Angus and Julia?s acoustic and bohemian magic lets the album, Down the Way, create a sensory nostalgic mood with their poetic lyrics and beautiful, soft instrumentals.



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