The songbird of the future

There?s no stopping Adele[1] as her second album ?21? climbs on the charts and in our hearts.[2]

For every Lily Allen there?s always been a Kate Nash or Dufy, but today we find ourselves in awe of a songbird which keeps our ears content with her words and beats, someone who has persevered beyond sophomore efforts to ?make it? as something which the public would classify as different and quirky.

With her powerful voice, endless song writing ability and ridiculous stage performance accomplishments Adele has fast taken the world by storm. Her current album ?21?[3], named for the age at which she recorded it, has been a true reflection of her intrinsic ability to not only characterise her songs so strongly but through this, illuminate her pure blowsy strength. It is a difficult task to describe all the musical influences within the album. The artist herself has revealed that she drew much inspiration from contemporary artists which she has ?loved forever?, from the likes of Mary J. Blige[4], Kanye West to Alanis Morissette. With these contemporary influences, the album also has a strong infusion of Motown influence, which completes the trademark combination of sound which has set Adele far apart from the rest.  

?21? was developed by Adele as the aftermath to the singers separation from her partner, thus her confessional singer-songwriter feel comes across as real to her listeners, with themes such as revenge, heartbreak, forgiveness and self-examination.  The first song which stands out as highlighting Adele?s heartbroken resilience is ?I?ll Be Waiting?, [5]a soul swishing and inspirational vocal expression tells her listeners that gusto or confidence, are two qualities which she does not lack. ?Don?t You Remember?, is a song formulated with memories in her heart and is bound to leave any broken hearted girl with teary eyes, but all in good faith as more resilient and brave songs await eager ears.

This year has been a great journey for Adele as her second single ?Someone Like You? became a worldwide number one on the UK-Albums Chart which continued for eight consecutive weeks. This nwas closely followed by her third single, ?Set Fire to the Rain?, as it charted in the top ten across European nations. As of September 2011, her album sales have reached a whopping 10 million copies.

Whilst ?21? has brought many to their knees it is no surprise that the world is begging Adele for more. The future is bright and endless for Adele. Let?s wait and see what she will beautifully create next.[6]



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