The sea (( Tags: the sea, are you Here, Id do it all again, love’s on Its way, diving for hearts, paris nights / new york mornings))

By Zimasa Mabija



The Sea marks a change from, Corinne Bailey Rae’s first album in that it features moody, deeply, textured tracks. This makes it a bit difficult to absorb the music but ultimately the album takes you on a deeply rewarding process of healing and coming in terms with grief. Rae?s husband, Jason Rae, accidentally overdosed on methadone and alcohol in March 2008. Rae grieved for him by doing nothing for months, and then returned to making music.

In this album Rae searches for the pinpricks and love sighs that intensify gentle emotions. On The Sea, she carefully presents a very complex sound which might sound like a very blunt expression of pain.  The   first song, Are You Here, beautifully captures the way that a dreaming mind can create its own happiness by escaping the harsh realities of life and yet again  about how returning to reality  can be  a painful crash . It’s one of the several songs that move in circles, like wheels, like irresolvable emotion. The I?d Do it All again video is  very real looking, cinematic and quite dark and its not too sunny its unlike her other  previous videos in the past this, video symbolises the dark sad mood of the  songs which talks about a lost lover.,

Many of her songs such as Love’s on Its Way  and Diving for Hearts, hardly have any hooks making it almost impossible for anyone to dance to them. The album is a mosaic of  a mixture   of  almost everything you  can hear elements of soul, jazz and even heavy rock, Rae has managed to mould  these songs to conform to her wandering, insistent thoughts. The album doesn?t sound like anything like current pop, the songs are more like the mid-period work of Donna Hathaway and Nina Simone .Those artists made soul music that stretched far beyond the typical pop music. This album is definitely different from her first album which had the fun playful song “Put Your Records On,” this transaction definitely symbolises the maturity that is embedded in the album.
The sea also contains some upbeat, funky moments songs likeParis Nights / New York Mornings, these songs are a bit bouncy and “dancy”. The last tracks of the album sum up the deeper meanings of the sea and the last two tracks ??diving for hearts ?? and ?The  sea refers to her personal tragedy they convey a sense of peace and a removal of pain they are cathartic songs.   
Listeners should repeatedly listen to the songs to fully absorb the sound.  Spend time in the sea for a rewarding musical experience


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