The Elephant is definitely ?uncaged?

By Kendal Quicke

Added by Knuelle on July 1 2009

Exploding onto the scene in 2008 with their debut album Cage the
the American rock band, Cage the Elephant from Kentucky is
anything but caged. Their genre is self described as slacker, funk
punk and has been met with enthusiasm from fans in both the UK and
America. The band comprises of Matthew Shultz, the lead singer,
Lincoln Parish on lead guitar, Brad Shultz on rhythm guitar, Daniel
Tichenor on bass guitar and backing vocals as well as Jared Champion
on Drums.
The band formed in 2006 and released their first debut album on the
19th May 2008, the third single from Cage the Elephant, Ain?t no
rest for the wicked was a huge hit. The song reaching number 32 on the
UK singles chart which was produced by Jay Joyce from Jive Records.
The band signed on with Jive Records as they gave them one hundred
percent freedom with creative control which was the enticing factor as
the band tries to change up their sound with each new track. Cage the
works under the labels; Relentless Records in the UK, Jive
Records in America and Universal Records in Canada.
The band released their second album, also produced by Jive Records.
The album, Thank You, Happy Birthday was released on the 21st of March
which debuted at number two on the Billboard 200.  The bands lead
singer experienced some writers block with the lyrics of the songs,
but managed to pull together twelve songs which ended up landing the
record at number one on the iTunes top downloads chart.
A low and concerning point in their career happened when the band was
on tour and Jared Champion?s appendix burst on Monday 10th of
October 2011. Luckily Dave Grohl from The Foo Fighters filled in for
Champion till he had recovered.
The name being as unusual as it is came from an incident when the band
was performing in a small town in Georgia. A man was ranting outside
the venue about how the elephant had to be stopped and the elephant
had to be caged, and the name stuck after that.
Something not to be missed is The End 107,7?s Deck The Hall Ball
happening in Seattle where Cage the Elephants will be playing on the
7th December 2011, tickets sales start on Friday the 28th of October,
so don?t miss out if you?re in the area.

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